So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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I had such fun writing this book of short stories, especially turning Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol into a horse tale. I worked with the book, it was surprising how much of the dialogue we hear in the film versions is just like the original!

In searching for an image for another cover, I posted on one of my Facebook groups and found this picture of Rootbeer, who was an amazing horse. You can read his story inside.

Then I found older stories that I’d never published, and even wrote some new ones. The art of short story writing is so different to the novel and I enjoy not having to be too wordy and be snappy with the plot.

I hope you enjoy this read as we begin to think of Christmas. It makes a great present too as it’s available on Amazon as paperback and hardback. Here’s the universal link which will take you to the book where ever you are.

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Happy Reading!


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A Christmas Canter

I know, I know it’s only September. I am working like mad with marketing an one of the things I’m bad at is leaving enough time for early readers.

These are wonderful folk who receive a pre-publication copy of a book, either to help with editing (ok, blo0ppers) or that in return they will post a review when the book is published.

I have two books nearly ready and I invite you all, if you would like to be an early reader, to drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy. Here’s all about Christmas Canter.

This collection of short stories, is not only for Christmas, but also all year round, because if the stories don’t have snow or Christmas in them, there are always horses.

A new version of A Christmas Carol with an equine cast is funny but remains true to the original. We meet a real horse hero, and the tales of one girl’s pony. Tales from Austria and Switzerland, romance and drama, challenging times and new beginnings. Finally a novella about the craziest Nativity play which includes horses, donkeys, sheep and goats and the homecoming of a lost horse.

Interested? Drop me a line at

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I’ve succumbed to this disease. Fourteen years of living in Austria totally curtailed my book buying. It was ebooks all the time as it was too expensive to buy books or lug them home on the plane. Not to mention all were in the wrong language, I can read German but soooo slowly, it’s no fun.

Now I’m home, we have second hand book shops in Aberdare and Pontypridd. Charity shops everywhere. Not to forget a LIBRARY! FB groups for old pony books that can now send the books to me.

Mostly horse books, old ones from the 30s to the 70s. Monica Edwards. Colonel Dent. But also novel authors, I’ve read for years such as, Nancy Thayer, Rosie Thomas, Miss Read.

But also books on Wales, walking there and its history, especially miming. I’m reading a lot on pit ponies for a new book.

We bought new bookcases, but may need more when I sort all those I’ve bought researching my present novel I’m writing.

It’s wonderful being an addiction! I have piles of to- read books, the eBooks are having a rest. What books do you buy?

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Coming soon!

I’m trying a totally new marketing idea for my books. My other blog, Anna’s horse books, has been really successful when I have run the advent calendar, and I’ve searched for ways to use it for advertising. So I’m now going to do a monthly post, with bookish news, updates about my books, author interviews, and a giveaway for new people. After all, clicking to follow and following by email, seems to me to be pretty much a mailing list. I want to increase sale and advertising, so fingers crossed… oh and maybe a new look for all my books!

What do you think? First post will be on May 15th.

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Free this weekend!

These frank memoirs follow what should have been a privileged childhood, pony mania, a badly behaved teenage, a year out on a farm in Switzerland, working as a zookeeper, running a smallholding, marriage, and family. Yet, it wasn’t until a traumatic eviction that I found faith, my way back to horses and a new beginning.

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Christmas Edition

My Memoirs are on sale together as a special edition box set, just over the Christmas period.

Anna Rashbrook used to be a person who would proudly boast, ‘I am what I am.’ It took nearly forty years of the hard knocks of life before she found God, and that much of what she treasured was actually caused by damage.

In these totally frank memoirs, follow Anna through what should have been a privileged childhood, pony mania, a badly behaved teenage, student placement on a farm in Switzerland, working as a zookeeper, running a smallholding, marriage, and family.

Then, through a traumatic eviction, she finds God’s love and begins a new journey. Yet, it is only when her marriage comes under threat that she must come to terms with her past and find healing. Out of this comes a new job, where her passion for horses is reignited.

Has life finished with her, are there more hurdles to overcome, or even another new start on the horizon?