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Guest blog: Natalie Kelly Reinert

One of the joys of being a horsey writer has been the wonderful people I’ve met. Please now meet Natalie Kelly Reinert who is one if not the most popular US writer!

I’ve been obsessed with both horses and writing for as long as I can
remember. I started riding lessons when I was ten, but I started writing
stories a lot younger than that! Over the years I’ve been a pro equestrian
in some diverse disciplines, including eventing, racing, and mounted
police. My experience informs my fiction, so I write novels about young
women dealing with the ups and downs of equestrian life as they navigate
the horse racing and eventing worlds. I also love writing about places
which have left a deep impression on me, so most of my stories take place
in Florida, home of extreme weather and personalities, and in New York
City… home of the same, actually! Two of my racing novels, Other People’s
Horses and Turning for Home, have been finalists for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book
Award, for horse racing literature.

Natalie and Ben

Natalie and Ben

Current project:
My latest book release is Horses in Wonderland, a follow-up to my 2015
novel, Show Barn Blues. The novel explores what happens when a barn owner
in a rapidly developing area of Florida decides to take on the theme parks
at their own game. It was a lot of fun to take readers inside a
fictionalized version of the Disney World stables, home of, as they put it,
“the Happiest Horses on Earth.”

Horses in Wonderland (Show Barn Blues Book 2) by [Reinert, Natalie Keller]

All-Time Favorite Horse Book:
My all-time favorite horse book is The Black Stallion’s Courage. As a kid,
I was just obsessed with racing, and the entire Black Stallion series fed
that obsession. The Black Stallion’s Courage is the best one because it
follows the summer stakes races in New York… which in opinion, are the
best races all year!Show Barn Blues

Natalie Keller Reinert
Fiction – Freelance Writing – Social Media
Author of The Eventing Series, The Alex and Alexander Series, and other novels for equestrians
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