So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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We’re still getting the snowmelt in the river Mur, it’s been high for weeks and as it kept snowing into May, some places may never thaw completely by autumn! I think this must be the first year that the first hay has been cut and the cows are still at home because the grass hasn’t grown enough on the alms.

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From loads of snow to loads of rain. The hayfields are going to seed and the grass is lodging under the weight of water. But beautiful!

First hay of the winter!

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Hay Dragons


Now the rain has stopped, all the farmers are cutting for hay, haylage and silage. I’ve started sneezing as soon as I go out the door! And of course the weather is doing it’s extremes, was 30c yesterday.


I know, we’re never happy! I just wonder in the picture below, if this farmer is going to dry some special hay on his washing line!IMG_2880

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IMG_2822We’ve had a really wet couple of weeks that have put all the hay and silage making behind in the valley. Some farmers have done single fields that can be got in  in the span of a day.


But many are now going to ears, but the flowers which have usually been cut are now flowering and may even make seed which means more flowers next year- yay!


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It’s a hard life


As you can see, my hyper-active puppy does occasionally chill out! The weather is fantastic at last, and now Dave’s working at the Burg, and when I need the car, I take her with me and we go on a new walk somewhere. A lot of the hay is waiting to be cut. and is soo tall that when she took off on a run the other day, she disappeared completely, all I could see was a bit of waving grass,heavens knows how she found her way back!  Daily dunking is now a habit, and I’m really feeling fitter with all this walking and being over a really nasty virus.


Puppy school, we’re sort of getting there, but she won’t do this ‘Platz’ business, which I admit would be really handy of she did it,eg when I have to stop and fill the little green sack! I think its all due to when the bloke yanked her down and she yelped, there must be a way around it, But saying that, she’s really good on the sit.


We’ve had to cut down on the treats, I’d said to Dave, she’s getting fat, her waistline isn’t so pronounced – he said we should feed her more so she doesn’t want to go walking at all(!) . Then at the school, the bloke said, oh, she’s well nourished, a bit of puppy fat is ok at her age………oops!


Apart from this, my life is so blessed, I give God daily praise for this wonderful place I’m in, he’s changed this life around from the pit we were in early this year.I love living here again. And if change is to come, so be it, I’m trying to live in the each moment and enjoy it.IMG_1527