So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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On Easter Bank Holiday Monday I took Swingle for a walk on the Felsen Promenade, which is a path cut into the cliffs on one side of Ramingstein, beloved by everyone and dogs too.  It was an eventful walk as first I tripped over a stone and couldn’t get up for a minute so Swingle had to wash my face! Then about halfway along  I saw an Easter egg and a Mars bar stashed at the side. Oh dear, someone missed one yesterday I thought. Swingle had smelt it and of she had been off the lead, she would have had it. So I walked on, and on return thought, what the heck! Swingle had the egg and I the chocolate.

When I got down to the road, I saw a Grandmother with a small Granddaughter carrying a bag and looking for something. Have you ever wanted the ground to swallow you up? I had passed them on the way up, they’d know it was me although someone else had taken the same route, I knew he hadn’t done the whole path. I was mortified. I decided in the end if challenged, I would say I thought it was a forgotten one and I was sorry. The truth. I had heard Dave’s voice at the back of my head saying to leave it, as she has said to many things over the years, but I ignored him. I didn’t tell him when I got home, but I did my mate Jenny, who burst out laughing. Serves them right, it shouldn’t have been left in a public place!

That helped but I still feel guilty!

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How to feel guilty!


Dave and I had the bright idea of cutting down our very purple Berberis bush as it’s right in the middle of my two Elderberry bushes which I want to grow for jam and wine making. So we hacked away, then Dave said, darn, there’s a bird in here. We looked and what was right in the middle but the nest of a fly-catcher, and she stayed put, glaring at us as we realized the blunder. We guiltily filled the trailer and left the pair in peace. So now we have to wait a few weeks until the eggs are hatched -both birds are taking turns sitting. And I’ll have the worry about is it too hot for the chicks now in this sunny corner and when we have downpours.  I’ll be buying meal worms for them next (if we could here!).