So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Golden October

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A most amazing October, warm, sunny, high pressure, blue clear skies and the most amazing tree colours!

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Golden Autumn


We’re having the most amazing autumn at the moment.


Apparently due to low temperatures (and then they say its seasonally warmer than usual), the trees aren’t dropping their leaves.


So after the sycamores, the larches and the birches are doing their stuff in brown and gold.


The contrast with the evergreens looks like a medieval tapestry.


I wonder what this forebodes for the winter. The snow we have had has mostly melted.


But now the nighttime temperatures are dropping (-8 for tonight) and the  days are cloudless and bright. Lovely!


Its all due to break this weekend, but one can enjoy only so much beauty!!!!!



There’s gold in them thar hills!!!!!!


The Lungau in the middle ages must have appeared a bit like Dante‘s inferno, as all over it were mines and processing works, from iron to silver, to gold to aresnic.  Up on the hills behind Ramingstein the old silver mines still lie on the side of the hill, unused since the 1800s, but to the inquisitive open to investigation.  One ‘Stollen‘ is now re-opened to visitors as a tourist attraction.


So I guess its no surprise to find that a company is now making bore probes in an old gold mine in Muhr. It has been unused since the middle ages and I’ve heard also contains arsenic. It will be five years before they can begin real mining, and all of this because the price of gold has escalated. It’s  always been said and people have played at panning for gold in the MUr river……….so  I’m just off with mine to give it a go!