So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Following the peace

I’ve been sort of enjoying the walks in the pouring rain now that I have a new coat and waterproof trousers, and now that the golf course across from our house is shut in the bad weather, but the going is so heavy with the waterlogged ground it’s hard work. This was written before the snow!

The next stage of my learning has been to remember to follow God’s peace. Its a way he speaks to us through Holy Spirit. Our little, third Fiat Panda needed its MOT last week so we took it to the local garage in Mountain Ash. Dave and I have been talking about finances, and we have to cut back our spending or my book sales must go up, I really don’t want to have to find a job when retirement is such a blessing.

So as we chatted, I said I had a budget in mind, and we agreed. Happily we left the car, but soon had a phone call. The back axle was badly rusted, and needed replacing amongst other work. They came up with a budget of about £800, yikes! The lad at the garage offered to buy it from us for about £900, and as we knew he would do it up and sell it on, we knew it must be basically ok, and it is low mileage. Even with saving on the repairs and his offer, we couldn’t find any cars in our budget, that might also turn out to be pups.

So, for once, we prayed about it. Talked about it calmly and kept our peace. We told the garage we were keeping it, and they promptly said there was place in Aberdare who would weld it and do the work for much much less than their quote. Now the cynical of you will be saying, they were playing you, but they weren’t. It’s a small, two man garage and they did all they could to help.

Car with new MOT, peace held, God’s solution.