So where's the snow?

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Gardening starts……..

All rather grey photos, but this is just the start.  This year, I’m going to take a piccy or several each month and post them, to show how my garden grows.  Today I had the new year clean up, now that the ground has thawed!  Loads of Forgetmenots  coming though their winter brown, the Rose Campion is starting to spread. Funny they self seeded but took two years to germinate!  There’s also  a few crocuses peeping through and by the wall, the violets are beautiful.  I’ve moved all the Bellflowers and tall Perennials into a line along the Bird table, and all others into the corners so there’s more space in the middle. Tomorrow I’ll plant the Pansies out and go with Linda up to the Graveyard to fill the plots of the old couple who lived here and her family.  I’m chuffed  at these as we grew them ourselves and kept them  going all winter in the green house. While I was digging this morning, I was helped by a young Robin, completely unafraid he was munching on all the worms I dug up!  I’M SO GLAD IT’S FINALLY SPRING!


Weekly Photo Challenge; Green

I can so empathise with this. There’s no snow forecast for at least a week here in the Lungau, but it will come.  I always enjoy the last few weeks of green (and brown!). So here’s me celebration of all that’s green! My garden, cows up on the Alms, mountains, mountain flowers, the last sunflowers(ok not so green!) and apple blossom buds, ready for spring.

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Garden Time – washout

Like any real gardener, it seems a good time to blame the weather for everything that’s going wrong in the garden.  Peas have podded but the peas themselves just aren’t  filling out, the marrows have loads of leaves but not many vegetables -reaction to the rain I suppose.  Broccoli not broccoling, nor cabbages filling out.  Beans are coming on ok though and the runner beans shooting up, but no sign of flower but that’s usual.  They’re last-minute guys and the beans all come at once.

Something’s eating the parsnips and carrots

underground- bet its that Wuhlmaus back again -despite the ring protection of onions – but they’re doing well.

Success with the  sweet corn, I can see the lower down tassles of the cobs, at least four, so that’s good.

In the greenhouse, we’ve replanted the tomatoes with peppers and one more cucumber plant.  Lets hope the  growing season last into late September, no early frosts.

All the annuals I’ve sown in the flower bed are struggling, not spreading.  The Bizzie Lizzies I thought would dominate the bed seem to be shrinking. I’ve got loads of Rose campion, which germinated a year after their parents died back, most odd, though they would have started the following spring. 

Next year, I’m not spending so much on plants, I’m going to fill the bed with packets of mixed annuals, so many that the non germinators wont be missed anf there’ll be loads of colour.  I always try for the herbaceous border effect, which hasn’t worked this year at all.

Moan, moan, moan, I must be a happy gardener!

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Garden Time;Katastrophe!

We’re not entirely sure of the cause, but we’ve lost all out tomatoes in the greenhouse and the cucumbers are rotting on the stems.  It could be a reaction to the intense heat, or a virus, but with two species of plants affected, I suspect the heat. At the same time, the Okaido pumpkin is blooming.

 So it means rather than having a colourful salad filled summer – I do like my cucs and toms, it’ll be green salad or begging off a smug Mr Paggy for some  veggies………

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Garden Time, hot, hot, hot

The freaky weather continues, with this long spell of really hot weather regularly 30 degrees with thunderstorms all around. Apparently its all to do with the Jet stream that has slipped down a bit giving the UK the horrible amount of rain they’ve been having, and it means we’re stuck with the hot air from the south.  We’ve got off lightly with damage from hail and rain, but in the fruit growing regions of Austria the damage to fruit and grain crops has been enormous. Still the 36 degrees we clocked one day isn’t normal.

The garden likes it though and the heat and rain has our courgette plants growing like Triffids, and a glut of cucumbers in the greenhouse. We’ve just harvested the first peas – sugar snap which you eat the lot and are much sweeter than Mange tout.  the first Courgettes are there and the Kohl rabi are ready.   I’m just so enjoying having the time to do all this, no more Burg!  In the greenhouse we have pea sized Tomatoes, nothing red, not so good.  We also planted an Okaido pumpkin, a red one which is quite sweet but great in stews, this is trying to take the place over, three times the size of its brother outside.  Of course the drip watering system Dave installed helps!

In the garden I tried sweet peas in a huge tub, with posts to grow y, but the cold spell held them back, I put in two packets, then another two when they didn’t germinate -result forest and no flowers yet!

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Garden Time

June 28th

Beginning of June

The weather is so  extreme at the moment, with 38 degress predicted for Sunday. Inbetween times of heat we’ve had rain and more rain.  Setting back the  veggies and then pulling them forward.  One courgette I found was yellow, but more are coming.  One line of peas is flowering.  The strawberries are a disaster, the cold got the flowers and the bees didnt come in the cold.  The Kohl Rabi are getting on slowly.  Paggy was saying despite loads of blooms, he has no cherries, the cold mornings got them along with his plums.  Well at least that lets me off having to make jam this autumn!  Just hope my soft fruits come through for my planned wine making – one consolation, the Elderberries have loads of flowers. 

And now!   Oh the joy of gardening!  One is nearest God in the garden.