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Garden project

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The weather has been too nice ot sit behind a computer and Dave and I having costed and thought about it decided to go ahead with the new Pavillion in the garden . This all started with taking the berberris bush out and its grown and grown. The main problem was getting rid of the stump of the Pine tree that used to stand there.

We’ve got all the geraniums on it, oh, might have room for some more!  A honeysuckle and a rose on the corners, a budlea, the quince bush and a honeysuckle type bush around the sides. It’ll come into its own more next year. We didn’t like the roof which came with it, but will use that for the party.

After seven years, it had at last rotted enough for us to bash through the roots and heave it out to become a garden feature………Our work  now looks great and in the coming weeks we’ll have a barbecue and party as an opening ceremony!