So where's the snow?

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November Days

November can be a pretty grotty month, this time last year, it was heavy wet snow.

This year, we’re blessed with high pressure, clear blue skies, frosty mornings, sometimes with fog until late morning. The sun slowly breaks through, throwing shadows in the mist.


Waking in the afternoons is a pure joy. The sun is still warm on one side, the other is cool in the crisp air. Underfoot is cold. In the woods is that autumnal smell of gently decaying leaves.

In pockets, there’s still frost, that might stay here until the spring.

The larches are flinging out their last colours.

There’s a wonder in the air, of the dying year, of crisp joy, a sense of treasuring this before the hardness of winter.

David Essex’s, ‘It was only a winter’s tale’ sometimes plays in my head at this time. Not of the lost love, but that feeling of autumn, cold and change that it brings.


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Today we had the first real frost of this winter. Dave and I walked in the woods with the dog and I knew, at last, the cold dry air had arrived and it feels like champagne. To have a warm coat but your face in the cool air, it’s a joy after the heat of summer.

Later on, when I took Swingle for her afternoon stroll the sun was now shining and in the still air, freshly lit fires had their smoke dropping down and looking like mist. I greeted Mr B who had cold hands again, but not like yesterday, perhaps I’ll get him some for Christmas.

Garden all tucked up for winter.

We swung down the hill and I could see Tony harrowing his field. I could smell the sour, late, crushed grass. Soon the cold air will absorb anything that smells outside -excluding slurry of course and there will be no scents in the air. I had David Essex’s It was only a winter’s tale playing in my head too.

There was a peace in the air and maybe it is also within me. God has been teaching me things when I had felt so far from him. I am seeing how bad-tempered I can be, blaming things on Dave, when it is my perception and I can see him realising when he has been unnecessarily grumpy too and making up for it. We have a time of peace until the ski season starts.¬† I haven’t felt like this for such a long time. Thank you.

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At last, a real winter!

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For the first time in about five years we have a really cold, dry, beautiful winter! We had snow soon after Christmas, and then ¬†cold, regular temperatures of -14 to -18 at night and well into the day. Crispness underfoot. There’s a big cold blast and clear skies over us for most if the next week. Love it!

Only poor Swingle isn’t too happy, while she loves bombing around in the deep snow, when it gets to less than -7 or 8, her paws hurt and she waves one in the air. I have to warm her paw and clear between the pads. Its worse on the roads and where there’s salt. We’ve tried boots, she takes them off, we’ve tried a coat, she takes that off. So we go up the lane in the morning, where its just snow and the afternoons to warmer paths.

There’s perma-frost on the trees that are permanently in the shade, and in the mornings, ice crystals form in the air. The rivers are backing up with ice, Where we were walking this afternoon and there were waterfalls and flooded banks. Beautiful, but of course my iphone died, I’ll have to go back later in the week with my oldie……


An afternoon’s walk


December 6th

Once again we went to Weisspriach for a walk last Sunday, now Austria’s third most important treasure as of this autumn.

DSCN3389 (2)

By the picnic field I took some quite nice shots.


There were loads of trout smirking as its too cold for the anglers!

DSCN3364And the dog got the deep frost confused with snow and did nutty puppy.

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The Lane, December 2015


When I was going through my photos, I found I had no pictures at all of the lane in December, so the past few days, I’ve been taking pictures.


I’ve had the iphone for two years and never used the panorama until now.


We’re having a very long cold and dry spell, which leads for some spectacular early morning walks!


Its even better now that I’ve got to know the farmer who rents the fields and we can go right down to the Thomotalerbach, which is very low but icy!


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The lane, first frost, September 29th


Muchly predicted came the first frost, a real end to the summer!


I’ll have to dump the geraniums and harvest the parsnips!


Still, Swingle and I greatly enjoyed the crisp morning’s walk!