So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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What a weekend! Friday


Heralding the storm, a warm front hit a cold front over Austria. In the early morning you could feel the change and the vapour trails from the planes were all over the sky.  I knew we were under a flight path , but not this many!

P1230630 I was aware of something coming to an end today, as Dave will now be home in the afternoons and I will need to readjust to the new routine. Already the summer seems like a glorious memory of golden warmth, reading and writing and always the sound of the cowbells in the background -especially as today its pouring!  Yes, it was too hot, but I was blessed to be inside, though I did manage the heat and even cycle in it. The cooler weather of last week was perfect weather and when Dave came home I was sprawled on the swing seat reading yet another book.

That evening as  we drove to Mariapfarr to Edith’s party, we could see the clouds coming from Obertauern, black and threatening with lightning.  So we were a bit late, but there were loads of people all sitting under the awning about to eat a Barbecue.  As we sat, the storm hit.  It must have been one of the most dramatic ones yet, lightning was striking close to us and the noise was incredible.  I loved every minute of it, the ultimate experience, enjoying a thunderstorm in safety but outside!  It was only when the rain got torrential and we began to get wet that we took to the inside.  We all sat and chatted about things, Lois bragging about his stallions and horses worth so much money, he is a completely different person when you’re not working for him!  We got into an interesting chat about mountain walks, the plans for Lungau and even a Windfarm in Thomotal.  But I was getting restless as usual and Dave was dozing off.  Comparing how we would have been when we got there, we weren’t trying to make new friends, and the only difference between this and a party at home was all was in German. We must be settled. So we drove home in the remains of the storm and slept like logs!

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Garden time; June Bugs and Mice

The weather has been so warm and wet lately, everything is growing  when it’s not being soaked. We had one day of continual rain then showers and a really hot day on Friday. All seems a bit behind, the Peonies which usually have finished flowering by now are only just coming into bloom.The air was filled with scents of all the flowers and June Bugs.  They’re all over the place but seem to do no harm!

The short dry break was used by the farmers to cut the first crop of silage and a lot of the now yellowing fields have been sprayed with slurry, which makes the Lungau a bit ripe.

I’ve found that the dratted mouse has taken up residence in our row of broad beans.  Its called a Wuehlmaus, and when I looked it up, its Myodes Glareolus or the Bank vole.  Most of the websites I found considered it cute, except for one that condemned it as vermin, carrying  disease.  It  can leave  holes in gardens, with runs underneath where it stores its foot. It eats fruit and nuts and some quietly said it nibbles roots -quite!  Quite how we’ll deal with it I don’t know, no doubt there’s more than one. Linda also said it could be our resident mole, but he tends to just leave big heaps of earth not neat openings.