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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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New old blog

I’ve been fighting for ages against mailing lists and suddenly remembered the book blog I started last year. Why not simply get people to sign up to that in return for a free book and other offers? So here’s the link and a preview!


Hi Everyone!

This is my new idea to reach you wonderful readers!

For those who follow by email, there will be a free gift of one of my books as I will personally contact you.

Then each month there will be news and special offers with links to other authors who you may like to read too.

Or simply follow the blog with no commitment.

I look forward to meeting you all in comments!



Mailing lists are not for me!

Monty, the horse I left behind!

One of the things that Indie writers are encouraged to do is create mailing lists, you get people to sign up and then you send regular emails with freebies and news. Every time I go on to the website to create one, I just feel upset. It’s like when I was looking for transporters to bring my loan horse with me to Austria. I went with my gut feeling and left him behind. Two months later he passed away, in the place he had lived all his life, without being out through the stress of that long journey.

So I’m going to go with this sense again. BUT! Anyone who would like to get more news about the books, (other than what I will post here), freebies and background information, or just to have a chat, leave me your email address on comments, for a REAL interaction with an author!  See you soon.