So where's the snow?

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IMG_2822We’ve had a really wet couple of weeks that have put all the hay and silage making behind in the valley. Some farmers have done single fields that can be got in  in the span of a day.


But many are now going to ears, but the flowers which have usually been cut are now flowering and may even make seed which means more flowers next year- yay!



My lane, June 1st


Ok, so I’m cheating a bit here, these pictures are from last year, but the years are pretty much the same with interesting variations!!!!

P1220889Don’t fancy a rest on this bench!


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These are the flowers in bloom, cowparlsey, to Dock,Ragged robin, Campion and the trees are full of bees. The seed heads are coming through everything, haytime will be soon!


The predominant colour seems to be yellow,


from the buttercups onwards!


These yellow flowers whose name I will one day find actually close their heads in full sun.


More yellow further down!


Then the contrast with the newly emerging ferns

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This year the snow is already gone and I thought we were having a late year!


The caterpillars are already at work!

P1220968Home now for a cuppa!





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June, bugs and blooms


June seems the time that the bugs appear and feast on the new pollen in the flowers. Of course, being the Lungau, we get the May bugs in June and the June bugs in July!


There’s been some quite spectacular beetles this year. mostly on the flower heads.P1270436  The bees have been frantically unzipping the snap dragons!


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Sunday Stills: Wildflowers


We’ve just had another cold spell, but nothing holds the Dandelions back in the Lungau, I think it’s going to be a great year for them and the light is so sharp at the moment!

P1260430 (2)


Travel Theme:Flowers

What a joy this one.  We have such a short, intensive summer here in Austria, we plant our flowers and enjoy them as long as we can, especially where we live in a white world so much of the year -like all the houses are painted in colours and the older ones with motifs -just as I’ve done in the Photo challenge (

We do blossom in spring:

We do fields of dandelions in May:

We do Alms full of colour in June;

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 We do them in July and August on Balconies, this is an abandoned farmhouse in Ramingstein which is still decorated by the family;


In September, the bees and I enjoy the last colour:

But best of all are the flowers in MY garden:

And they’re a bit purple too!