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Bird Cherry (Prunus padus)

We had one of these trees in our first house at Little Marsh near Beaulieu. Its scent when flowering is amazing, heavy and a bit peppery. It takes me back every time to when our kids were small and how they played in that garden. There’s lots of these trees in this part of the Lungau and it seems this year is their turn for heavy flowering. Here are some piccies I took today. Have you got some great flowering trees where you are?

A shared breakfast

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Spot the difference 2

Can you see it? Tell me!

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Spring Flowers

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Can’t name them all, but I think I like them better without labels!  FB click on the link for the show,

A touch of autumn in summer

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IMG_2822We’ve had a really wet couple of weeks that have put all the hay and silage making behind in the valley. Some farmers have done single fields that can be got in  in the span of a day.


But many are now going to ears, but the flowers which have usually been cut are now flowering and may even make seed which means more flowers next year- yay!