So where's the snow?

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More Floods

A week to the day, the rains came down again.  I came home at Eleven on Saturday night and it had just started raining, at Six am the next morning the siren went off.  Great.  I staggered to the window and couldn’t believe how high the Mur was.  When I surfaced properly an hour later, we could see the Fire-engine across the river, there must have been a landslide. 

Not much ater we were out photoing  and could see the river had dropped a bit, but it was over the access to our local bridge, we haven’t seen that since 2007.  The day was grey, so we imagined that the worst was over, and decided to take the train into Tamsweg and walk back and take some more photos. No train, so we popped around to the neighbours on the other side of the river, to find the daft Firemen had taped off their road so technically they couldn’t drive out!  Obviously forgotten the holiday house.  It seemed the whole Murweg was shut as a precaution. As we left, the rain came down again and lasted for the rest of the day, so we shopped and came home to watch DVDs for the rest of the day -enforced idleness!!!!!!!!

By evening, we heard reports that one village in Steiermark had been practically washed away, and Graz itself was under flooding threat. Many of the smaller tales no doubt not making the news, but even the Army was drafted into help in St Lorenzen, and they were already talking about if it is worthwhile to rebuild.  It seems Austria has an emergency fund for such disasters. Poor folks.

Sunday was a bit better and the river was dropping.  Dave and I went down to Kreischberg  to the local power station on the Mur.  All the gates were open, and it was quite uncanny so see a normally flooded stretch now a quarter full.  There was a lot of silt, and strangely a strong smell of ozone, quite nostalgic for the sea!

Lets hope its the last of this  weather, the air this morning had that wonderful coolness to it. I don’t like the heat, funny when we came here, I expected to be permanently cold!!!!!