So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Fire and Hail

It’s another really hot summer here in Austria and the weather has been acting accordingly. Last week, the local steam train set light to the grass at the side of the line.

The next day, just as I’d cycled back from the library, a storm came over and boy did it hail! I could have wept when I saw my Geraniums and Petunias being shredded, but it was too dangerous to go out. They are slowly recovering now. Neighbours’ veggies were sliced to pieces. My Gooseberries have scars, so I hope I will have enough to make this year’s wine.

Now this week, it’s back to a heatwave with it up into the low 30s this week. What happened to the Lugau being the Austrian Siberia?


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Fire in the Lungau!


Despite having had a bit of rain this week, the ridiculous temperatures are shrivelling our garden. Being on a water meter, we conserve each drop.  I suppose we could haul buckets out of the Thomtalerbach, but there’s such a huge drop to reach the water.


When we lived in England, our house overlooked the mainline railway to Bournemouth and despite it only being diesels and electric trains we had trackside fires.  We’ve now had three this summer on our curve here at Madling, all seemingly caused by the steam train which runs on the Murtalbahn.  The last two were in sight of our house and both on a Thursday, must be a link here.  However, someone called the fire brigade pretty quickly and this time I saw people running with buckets too. I suppose it’s because we’re on a slight rise here and the engine has to work harder, so more soot and sparks come out of the chimney.  I wonder who pays the bill for this????


Ramingstein was wiped out in the 18th century by a forest fire that burnt for several days and got nearly all the way to Tamsweg, what would happen if no one spotted  a fire along the railway line doesn’t bear thinking about.  There’s been several forest fires in Salzburgerland too. Roll on the snow!

Since I wrote this, we’ve had a forest fire, which generated so much smoke, the valley reeked of it. A helicopter had to be sent to find where it actually was before they could put it out!!!!!