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Facebook Fast

P1070707 (2)

At the Georgi-ritt

I decided that it was a good idea to do this, as looking at FB was causing me to look at the iPhone far too often. So on Ash Wednesday, off it went!  For the first couple of days I was wondering what people were up to, but even before a week was up, I wasn’t really that bothered. I suppose in a way I cheated as I had my emails now on the phone and so I did get all my birthday greetings on the messenger.  I even heard in the local radio that such a fast is quite common.

So the time flew by and on Easter Sunday there I was scanning all that went on. After a couple of days, I found it really uninteresting.  I decided that I could live with just reading it once a day, and uninstalled it on the phone. Now I need to stop looking at my emails……..

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My BIG mistake…….


I’ve only ever been an amateur bird watcher, and it was with great glee that I thought I had Nutcrackers visiting my bird table this winter.  Wrong.  Turns out that it’s quite a rare species and fellow bloggers haven’t hesitated in putting me right.

It’s also meant strangers turning up on our front door, how they found me I’ll never know. Facebook link I suppose.  Yesterday it was three students from Salzburg University and before that six guys from Vienna.  I even turfed a group out who were walking all over my flowerbed. All equipped with cameras and long lists.  We couldn’t  get out to do stuff and they drank us out of tea.  Lovely people, but I don’t think I’ll post much more about birds! So I say here, they’ve GONE, back to the woods in Burgenland where they apparently live most of the year. I’ m going to FB it and put a sign on the door!

Apparently the bird is  Fossoravril,  in German  Braunstreich

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Project ‘Pilgrims’


It’s been long our dream to host holidays for people here in Austria, especially those in real need of one, those in need of some respite, those who need a boost.  It all started with this hut above on our first trip to Austria. We now live in a beautiful area where we can offer a real break, along with some time to study the Bible and help people to find God in their lives. We’ve prayed for a long time to be able to buy the flat next door and support ourselves sufficiently to subsidise this venture fully so the holidays are free. We would begin with English guests but extend it later to Austrian. So far, nothing has moved on.

We feel that this year, we must dip a toe and try the idea out. We need to find confirmation of God’s plan for us and which way to go in the future. We ask now for prayers and most importantly, feedback.

a)      For this first step, we will use our flat and so are looking for a couple who will be guinea pigs (Guests) for one week in July or August.  However, if we can negotiate with our neighbours, we would rent the flat next door and be able to make the offer to a family. We need God to reveal these people to us.

b)      That we can then form a week fitted to the needs of our ‘guests’ that will bless them, refresh them, revive them and restore them.

c)      That we can perceive through this if it really is God’s will for us, if it is, then to step forward in a full venture in the coming years.  If it is not, to find God’s plan for our lives.

d)      That the financial independence that will be needed to fund and back this venture will be found through God’s providence.

e)      We will need to cover; transport costs, e.g. flights, transfers, possibly passports, possibly a second, six seater vehicle, food, entrance costs around the Lungau, living costs for ourselves, study materials, insurance. If it is the Lord’s will, we will need to be able to buy and renovate the flat next door or another property in the area.


What do you think? What is God saying to you for us about this?  Tell us on Facebook, or email,, or post; Taferngasse 29, 5591 Ramingstein, Austria


Dave and Anna

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WordPress technical puzzled blog

I’ve found it great that as I write my blog, all these Recommnded Links appear and I can put them in my blog, hopefully finding more readers. They generate good tags and I think they are linked to the  recommendations – I may be wrong.  So why is it that when I look at Facebook and Linked In, these sites block these links, turning my work into nonsense? Is it worth having these links?  WordPress say they can do nothing abotu it. Do enough people on these sites read my stuff that it matters?  I’m sure few click and read the original post.  Do I stop putting them on at the cost of my blog  not being found by the great interweb commnity?  Most of my readers seem to come via The Daily Post and thats been the greatest joy and success for me.

Does anyone else get fed up with adding the links and categories?

Does anyone else have this  Security warning come up when you update, add new or change your blog saying that the HTTP isnt secure and do you want it secure – saying yes blocks a great deal of stuff. It slows everything down when writing and adding photos.

What do you think folks?

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Tom – time for another little plug…..

Have I mentioned that I wrote a book??????

Over 1,500 downloads and not a single comment!   It’s a great read (so say I) and its at a great price, have a look!  Facebook readers; I apologise, for some reason best known to themselves, they are blocking these picture links – which is daft as they promote Amazon. You can find the book on all the English Amazon sites.

Fleeing to the countryside from London to escape another bad relationship, Clare hopes to make yet another new start that will finally sort out her life. She finds things aren’t so simple as her best friend Sylvie is abroad leaving Clare to share the house with enigmatic and moody Alex. Clare soon finds work and a new livelihood but still finds that all her relationships with men seem doomed to failure.Alongside the tale of Clare’s new life runs the story of Tom’s troubled childhood and adolescence. How will he fit into her new world?Set in the 1990s, before widespread use of Mobiles and the Internet, ‘Tom’ is not only a sinister tale of lost identity, possession and mental illness but also a journey to fulfilment and love as Clare, Alex, Tom and Sylvie find healing and faith.

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Lenten fasting


We decided this year  to fast from meat this Lent, just as a trial.  I’d always been meant to eat less due to the cholesterol etc etc.  So we did, and it turned out to be a non issue, neither of us missed it!  It was only a problem when eating out!  Someone asked me if I was experimenting with lots of tasty veggie dishes – no I wasn’t!  I only enjoy cooking when entertaining,and I like to throw something in the oven, and fish it out half an hour later with no effort on my part!  I found myself buying Veggie dishes,  such as fingers and schnitzels, and pre-made rice dishes. The Spar even had a new range of meat substitutes  – yuck, they were disgusting!  as Dave pointed out, why do you give up meat and then try to have things that are just the same?

So fast over, I don’t think we’ll go back to as much meat again, but we do like it. Spiritually it was a non event, but I did read my Bible more and pray more.  Dave now says next year we should fast from tv,  me the internet, and my kindle – and he and the cheek to say he’d just then listen to the radio.  Tad unfair I think!