So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog



18th June

We’ve had this incredibly hot weather recently, and I think the farmers have been doing their nuts in, fetching in as much hay as possible.  Too hot for me, I expected to be cold all the time here!  On this day, we had this temperature record for us.

Dave and I were watching a dvd later that night, the weather man saying no thunder tonight when we noticed it getting a bit dark.  In five minutes this what I can only describe as a tornado crashed through, plants went horizontal,  petunias in the window box over flowing with water, various veggies flattened. 

The rain was full on the north side of our house, Linda said her hall was flooded.  It hurtled through leaving so much damage.  My shots of the hail were blurred, shame, and no way was I opening the window to take the piccies! 

We heard later that the hailstones on Obertauern were like golf balls and in Kendlebruck south down the valley from us, they had about 3 inches. 

Bit like the shock storm we had last summer when I was at the Burg.  Crazy weather!