So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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High Water

Some of the rain that has been drenching England got here this weekend, just deserts I suppose.  Its not that we haven’t had rain, far from it, we’ve had hot spells followed by storms which has caused much damage. 

Darker water of the Thomotalerbach meets the Mur

 This deluge had the Mur really high but not as high as we’ve seen it.  So after the rain had gone, Dave and I had a stroll along, to get some freash air. Bad idea.  There must have been drains and septic tanks overflowing, the whole river STANK!

Thomotalerbach also rushing about

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The Ice man cameth!!!!

Note the frozen phone line in the middle!

As forecast, yesterday the  Iceman or as in Austrian folklore, the Ice Saints  (St. Marmetus, Pancras and Servatius) have been to visit.  This is a Europe wide tradition because these Saints have their feast days during the period when this weather happens, so by default they cause it.  More Catholic mumbo jumbo!!!!!!!!!  Still I’ve got all my tender annuals tucked up under fleece along with the just germinated peas.

We get all this stuff about Global warming and climate change, so I ask this. If it’s all changing so much, why is this phenomenon of a cold spell at the end of May so regular  that its part of folklore and keeps on happening?

Random comment now! One of my jobs today, I found a note asking me to do the windows (which I do every week) and again instructions on what cloths to use, which she’s already told me. I took offence and it took me all morning to get over it. It is difficult to see sometimes when the light is dim in this house if there are smears but I do try to check.  I must realise I’m just the cleaner, not expected to be that bright or do things.  God gave me this job to keep my feet on the ground, and thank you Joyce Meyer for showing me how stupid my reactions are.  This Boss probably has a lot of stress and forgets what she says.