So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Death by Elderberry!


Jenny came to help with this years wine bottling, and while I was squishing the next batch of elderberry this happened!


I also managed to spill it down myself and we had to stop Swingle slurping the floor! And despite me cleaning thoroughly, Dave came home later and straightaway found all the sticky bits I’d missed!


So the wine has come out surprisingly dry this year. The Gooseberry is delightfully pink as hoped. The first batch was the driest, and that which I added extra sugar to, only marginally sweeter. The blackcurrant isn’t so sweet either. I can only surmise that its due to the wet summer which means less sugar, but I did pick after a few hot days.


Maybe I do need to change my method and have the fruit must and sugar and the yeast in a bucket for  few days rather than adding the sugar to the sieved must. Note to self for next year!


Maybe the elderberry will be the same. My trees are a disappointment again, so one will be chopped down to start again and the other pruned. On my dog walks I spotted several laden trees, so I stole my elderberries from behind the factory, some were hanging like bunches of grapes.


So after Christmas, when we get back from the UK, Jenny has said I should have a party to take my mind off things ie the missing the kids blues, sounds a cracking idea to me!!!

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Muesli week; Elderberries

P1300797These wont be going in my breakfast bowl! After the onslaught in the spring from blackfly and then a puppy digging holes, what started as a great crop, went to rack and ruin.


The birds didn’t help, but the fruit was so poor I left it on the bushes. So no wine either. We’ll have to chop the bushes right back in spring and it may be two years before I get a crop, but I have seen a rather good bush by the railway line………


Seen on a neighbours tree -fruit and flowers together!



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After the bug attack this spring, my Elderberries seem to have recovered and the flowers are sensational. There’s something different about them this year,it bodes well for great wine, and no one can pinch them to make Syrup!

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Yuk, I’ve never seen so many black aphids on one tree, its all over my precious Elderberry trees on the new growth and they’re starting to spread over all the leaves. I guess I’ll have to spray them or no fruit!  Maybe its a result of the mild winter!

Anyone else got problems with bugs this year?