So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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New phone, more blogging?

I rarely get a minute on the PC these days, so I’m giving this a try! Just need to get my camera to send to the phone and this is sorted! So lots more photos of a certain dog I guess!


Swingle’s lovely dead,frozen mouse……

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Autumn light #2

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Swingle has a friend to stay!


Sina, who I have looked after in the past came to spend a few days with us while her owner was away. Sina and Swingle have met lots because we do gardening work at her house. And they do play together. So I was blissfully imagining four days without having to dog walk!

And on the whole, they did play, but physcologically, they needed a turn around the block, so we did. Swingle was great as a couple, but as Sina can’t be let off at times it was a bit boring for Sina having the village idiot hanging from her lead!

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They played on the whole, with Swingle constantly nagging Sina until she got cross and snapped. Soemone needed to learn manners and when to stop. I think they enjoyed the time sharing the barking at everything they could think of.

It was all coming back to me about multiple dog ownership, why they always had to play if possible under my feet, and be under my feet too, the double panic if I went out, having to feed separately, and sneakily stroking one while the other wasn’t looking…………

Swingle was jealous, if I tried to stroke Sina she barked, if Sina tried to come in the bedroom she yelled and screamed-such jealousy! Eventually, Sina’s owner came to collect, and Sina shot into the car with a ‘TAKE ME OUTTA HERE’ look on her face, and Swingle actually collapsed in a heap and slept soundly for twelve hours and the next day, it was quite nice to have her undivided attention again!


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Dog sitting again

On our second day, Shira really began to settle in, and by the end of the day was sleeping happily in the sitting room with us.  Dave is warming to her, feeding her Pringles! I know, not good dog food!  When the siren went off at Midday, she broke into severe howling but calmed down quite quickly.

We went for our first  walk along the Mur and she was a delight.  Dave accused me of route marching too fast just because I had a dog, didn’t even realise I was doing it!  Shira suddenly dived into the undergrowth and woozled about as if there was something live there. When she gave up, and trotted off, she glanced sideways and upwards at me, and it was such a defiant, human look; I know I’ve been up to something but you’re not going to tell me off are you?

Later when her owner arrived, and was cuddling her, Shira looked straight at me, and the look was a pure, hey I love you too, but she’s my Mum!  Maybe the dog isn’t so blonde………….