So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Wareham Forest

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A morning’s walk


We are having a hot, dry spell at the moment, so I’m walking Swingle as early as possible. She doesn’t like the heat, and is happiest walking near the Mur where she can have a dip to cool down – or running illegally in the hayfields is also good for a refreshing soaking!

Today I took my life in my hands walking at Einach, not only is this the bike path but through hayfields and I guessed rightly every farmer and his friend would be cutting hay. The hay here must taste so good to the cows, with so many different flowers mixed with the grass!  There was a few clouds and  a shady bit though the woods but by the time we turned back, we could feel the heat rising.


There was the warming scent of the drying hay and a sensation that spring is drawing to its close. Now the rampant scents of the lilacs and cow parlsely are abating, I could almost smell the roses, although they’re not in bloom. A transition from the rampant joy of spring to the ripening full blownness of summer.


The mountain huts are starting to open , the last of the snow is melting rapidly, and soon we can go to the Alm walks and do spring all over again as they’re a good month behind us valley huggers, wonderful!

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Dog sitting again

On our second day, Shira really began to settle in, and by the end of the day was sleeping happily in the sitting room with us.  Dave is warming to her, feeding her Pringles! I know, not good dog food!  When the siren went off at Midday, she broke into severe howling but calmed down quite quickly.

We went for our first  walk along the Mur and she was a delight.  Dave accused me of route marching too fast just because I had a dog, didn’t even realise I was doing it!  Shira suddenly dived into the undergrowth and woozled about as if there was something live there. When she gave up, and trotted off, she glanced sideways and upwards at me, and it was such a defiant, human look; I know I’ve been up to something but you’re not going to tell me off are you?

Later when her owner arrived, and was cuddling her, Shira looked straight at me, and the look was a pure, hey I love you too, but she’s my Mum!  Maybe the dog isn’t so blonde………….