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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Dog Sitting


Shira looking alert!

I recently had another dog to look after for a few days and it was great to have a hound about the place, but it brought it to me what sort of dog I’d like permanently, and just how we need to fence in our garden!

Shira is a very laid back, maybe typical Golden retriever, perpetually hungry, eats anything, but just loves a cuddle and a scratch. She’ll crash out in the garden if we do stuff. Occasionally practises her bark too. Out walking she trots along purposefully at a reasonable speed and doesn’t pull.  If  let in the water she’ll splash and then come out and wriggle on her back to dry herself off- once I thought she would roll back in the river!  An easy loving dog.



Sina is a Munsterling – a German hunting breed, which to me looks like a springer spaniel. I was warned not to let her off the lead as if she gets a scent she will disappear. Not bothered that much about water, but she usually burns around following her owner who rides.  Pulls like a train, barks at any new sound,  affectionate but not so loving as Shira and more picky over food! Refused a chew Shira would have guzzled. But intelligent, she quickly sussed that she had to only come and look me straight in the eye to get me to take her out for a pee – Shira has a better bladder. We adopted the system of putting her on a rope in the garden and she loved that, but I didn’t like it. The worst was the fine back hair all over the house, had forgotten that! Shira despite having more coat, doesn’t seem to shed so much.

My perfect dog? Somewhere right in the middle with a short coat!  Who is your favourite dog?


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Dog sitting again

On our second day, Shira really began to settle in, and by the end of the day was sleeping happily in the sitting room with us.  Dave is warming to her, feeding her Pringles! I know, not good dog food!  When the siren went off at Midday, she broke into severe howling but calmed down quite quickly.

We went for our first  walk along the Mur and she was a delight.  Dave accused me of route marching too fast just because I had a dog, didn’t even realise I was doing it!  Shira suddenly dived into the undergrowth and woozled about as if there was something live there. When she gave up, and trotted off, she glanced sideways and upwards at me, and it was such a defiant, human look; I know I’ve been up to something but you’re not going to tell me off are you?

Later when her owner arrived, and was cuddling her, Shira looked straight at me, and the look was a pure, hey I love you too, but she’s my Mum!  Maybe the dog isn’t so blonde………….

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Dog Sitting

I was both nervous and happy about having a dog in the house again after such a long time.  It wasn’t the best day as I had to work for two hours but I spoke to all the neighbours and apologised in advance if she barked.

So Shira arrived (pronounced Sheeeeera).  I think I’ve said she was found wandering at Shoenfeld by her new owner, and as there’s been no owner found seeking her, the idea is she was abandoned.  No Chip, but she had been ‘done’, about 5 years old due to her teeth.  If dogs could think, I expected her to be worried about being abandoned again to me! She was a bit cautious, but we went for a walk, she doesn’t pull -what a joy!  She’s not allowed off the lead due to her history for the moment, but she has one of those leg wrapping up extendable ones.  She met all the neighbours, flopping on her back and being cute. A dog with no side compared with my manic Ratty who disliked everyone on principle.

Shira was quiet while I was out, laid about when I was indoors .  I began to realise how we need to fence our garden if we have our own dog, its  was a real nuisance in this hot weather not to have the front door open.  We went to see Edith but she wasnt too good with the other dog as she was in the defensive mode on the lead.  I took her for another walk when we got back, she did her stuff and 20 yards down the lane collapsed on her back for a roll, not interested.

She just slept for the rest of the day, only coming into our sitting room for treats, maybe in her past life she wasn’t allowed into the main house.  I’m sure Shira isn’t her real name but she’s learning it.  Being a retriever she brough Eau der Hund into the house, but it was nice to have her presence.  She’s with us next Saturday and we hope to go up into the Bergs for a walk. I think there definately is a case for a more chilled sort of dog for me, but not a retriever – she’s already stiff in her hips and I prefer a short coat………..what breed I wonder?