So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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For Martin

For Martin, who once lived here too!

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Taking a break from packing, getting annoyed by Austrian bureaucracy, waiting for solicitors to get their fingers out-pingdemic, BAH! It’s the main bug time here in Lungau, here are a few!


WPC Transition down the Alm!

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September 2008, bringing Icelandic horses down from the Alm in Riedingtal, Lungau

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Something odd in the woods


Without my bridge, I’m having to look for new walks to keep us from being bored and this morning I went up the forest road behind the brick factory. Just what all this is, I have no idea, kids playing, or misplaced Catholic sentiments because someone found a dumped sledge and a broken statue? They’ll be saying a Saint or Holy man was there next……………

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A cool June


Near St Margarethen

This June has been at times rather on the cool, cloudy side, and there’s been snow over 2000m.

IMG_1590 (2)

St Margarethen towards St Michael

Poor cows, just been shipped up there and this happens!


Near St Margarethen towards Pichlern

But to me, its a joy, I just love walking in the coolness, and some of the hay fields are still uncut, so there’s a wealth of flowers.


Cows, St Margarethen – well you knew I’d be snapping them sooner or later!

Along side the Mur is my favourite bit, I suppose it comes from my childhood and happy times in the Winchester water meadows.


Near Mauterndorf Airfield

But I do so itch to get up in them thar hills!


Near Mauterndorf, towards Mariapfarr

but it’s been either raining or we’ve been working. Hey ho, we’ll get there.


By Mauterndorf Airfield, towards Weisspriach


Ambition Achieved???


IMG_1633 (2)I drive Dave nuts, cooing at the animal transporters as they take the cows to the Alms.



They all have their heads over the tops if they can, they know where they’re going -summer holidays! But have I been able to get a photo?


Not in 8 years! But I think I nearly got one in Tamsweg last week. I think I’ll have to ask a farmer next year If I can go by when he’s loading.



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