So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Schnaps ideas or Schnops ideen!


These are all over the Lungau and Ramingstein has several. I guess some people in the pub got an idea, found funds from somewhere, and they had a big opening with beer and sausages with microphone snatching from mayor to mayor. A good time was had by all, and then they all promptly forgot all about it!


The Culture Park- right beside the cement factory has several concrete sculptures (surprise, surprise) where the notices have worn off and now you can only see them when the local farmer has cut around them for hay. What did people expect, that visitors make a special trip to see them???????


These sign posts are all around us, most of which are now falling to pieces and making some funny words- no-one taking responsibility to repair them.


This one is a real Ramingstein Crow advertising the now defunct Cross country skiing path, I guess now he’s showing the Nordic walking trail.


And the best. The local railway company, suddenly decided to knock down the old railway station, and made an ugly new car park. So for ages we wondered why there was a set of standard gauge tracks by it- the local line being narrow.


Then suddenly this carriage appeared. It’s stayed here and been painted green. The windows have been smashed and repaired, but no one seems to be using it. Apparently the Mayor thought it could be used for holiday accommodation for workers – I wonder just how much  had he drunk that night?

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The Rammys of Ramingstein


The river Mur Rammy, several of these around!

I recently did a weekly photo challenge featuring a Rammy we found in the middle of the woods.


Cook Rammy by the Adamwirt guest house

I guess these figures were someone’s really good idea a couple of years ago and some of the businesses bought them.


Plumber Rammy in his work clothes

Some people have smaller ones in their garden. So Dave and I did a trot around the village and got them all.


Carpenter Rammy ready for work

I’ve heard these ideas called, ‘Schnopps ideen’ or Schnaps ideas- i.e everything seems a good idea after  a few glasses. I’ve found several of these in the village for another post.


A browned off Mur Rammy – ironic that he’s placed opposite the local asylum seekers hostel!

Then at the end of the village an information Mur Rammy



And beside him for the Brauwirt guest house, another cook


And last, the woodland RammyP1270108