So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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At this time of the year, the cows are taken up to the meadows or alms for their summer grazing. It has always made me chuckle at them looking over the top of the transporters. It’s like they’re saying, whooppee, holiday, after all winter in a barn. Although that barn must be warm and they are fed wonderful hay and silage!

For thirteen years I haven’t succeeded in getting a good shot of this. This morning, there were loads of trailers on the move as the alms are officially opened. I was out with Swingle and saw a brilliant one heading along the road; lots of heads hanging over the top. I had my camera with me, and just as they got to us, the local siren went off. Swingle began to howl, sat in the middle of the road, and I had to grab her in case of cars. Results attached!

We won’t be here next year, so I’ll have to keep my camera alert!


Cow time!

Another favourite time of year for me. The cows are coming down from the Alms and all around is the tinkling of the bells. Drives Dave nuts, but I love it!   Can you spot the cow that’s been to a party?

And MOO are you?

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Cows in the barn!

I came across these shots which I took in the autumn as the cows were being taken in. The more modern barns have hardstanding, and I understand tethering isn’t allowed.

In the winter when I see some cows obviously shoved out in the cold and waiting to come in, I’m inclined to think no one asked the cows if they wanted to go out. Can’t be that bad, food delivered, bed cleaned, warmth(if a bit smelly) and friends to chat to.

Can’t be that bad, these ladies were enjoying the breeze on a warm afternoon!



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I just love it when the cows come down from the hills at the end of September. These are some of my favourite shots from this year. Soon they will all be in the barns, stuffing their faces in the warm, and the valley will be empty of the cowbells. Shame!

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Autumn begins!

The cows are coming down from the hills. Cowbells around us. Love this time of year!