So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Snow cobwebs

As the snow rapidly disappears in the garden, there seems to be this mould  – or as I would rather romantically call it cobwebs are lying on the grass. Dave reckons it’s where there was poor drainage under the soil and the water lay there for a while. I like to think of it as ghost snow!!!!!  As if we didn’t have enough of it!   Having  been a bit dismayed at the rapid thaw, as I can now sit in my garden in the sunshine, I’m getting used to the idea!  Hopefully at this rate by the end of the month we can do our annual first walk up behind the Diktler hutte and see all the frogs at play!

I start my new job on Monday, apparently their existing cleaner has gone sick.  Makes me think they are maybe not so easy to work for, but she’s already agreed that I can do the Offices on a Friday afternoon, so no evening working as normal. I’m still amazed at God’s hand in all this. This Monday it is an evening because I have to clear up after the decorators!  If it doesn’t work out about the hours, I still have the offer of ten hours a week gardening at St Martin, which appeals a lot!

So why do I keep on thinking and dreaming about the Burg?

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Not a cobweb

As I’ve said we’ve just been clearing out the flat a bit because of the arrival of a new three piece suite – the first we’ve ever bought. Thanks God for your blessings!  Anyway, I found behind some of the pictures and in the corners, cobwebs beginning to grow. It reminded me of when we were clearing Mum’s house when she died.  In the cupboards the cobwebs we found were dark brown, I suppose due to the smoke and the dogs. It felt to me like they were like some sort of evil that clung to her, although she cleaned her house it was never clean, if you see what I mean. Like something creeping around the edges of her life.  She’d had a difficult life in many ways  but had fed on her own bitterness and anger.   So it was a bit like sin always hovering around us in temptation and dark thoughts.  Yet as a Christian I have a spiritual broom that sweeps them away without any effort, if only Mum could have seen that.