So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Climate Change: my Christian view

How are you enjoying the summer? Too hot maybe? Or you just love this more Mediterranean climate and are even thinking of having siestas like in Spain? Lungau used to be known as the Siberia of Austria, maybe not anymore!

While we are all enjoying the summer, events around us can be seen as dark and depressing. World leaders are shaking their swords at each other and fighting over ships and territories. There are reports of floods and fires and storms, as our climate seems to be undergoing change.

We now have the climate protestors, who claim this is all our fault and the governments must do SOMETHING. At the same time these people will be flying and driving to events using fossil fuels, and maybe using plastic banners and outfits in their protests.

In the UK, Vegans are terrorising meat-eaters, forgetting the tolerant society they are supposed to be living in. Gay rights are being condoned, while Christians are being ignored and some might say, even persecuted.

Whether all this change is our fault seems to be decided by the majority and maybe this is a good thing. But we have only been measuring climate for about 150 years. It’s known that the sea level was higher in Roman times and trees have been found underneath melting glaciers. We see all from our own tiny, insignificant viewpoint.  What we see in our perspective as the world falling apart, was also seen in older generations as they saw their world change.  So where do we stand?

When the world was created, we were given dominion over the animals and plants by God, but not the climate. People say God is in all this change, maybe out of anger at us. But we do have a responsibility to look after what we have been given. The Bible says that creation groans under the power of sin in the world. Possibly, all of this is the result of the spiritual evil that abounds in the world; you only need to hear the news.

The Bible warns us of the return of Jesus and all the upheaval that will follow in Revelation. Of how, in those days, we must hold on to what we believe in the chaos around us. Maybe it can be said that some of the times predicted are here now.  As Christians, should we be shaking in fear too?

We have certainty and a surety that the greater world doesn’t have. Jesus. He will come again, but even he doesn’t know when! Should that make us nervous? NO! We have a sureness that being in a relationship with Jesus, when we constantly seek his will for our lives; forgive each other; love the people around us, none of all this chaos needs to touch us. YES! We can hold on to this certainty and let his Spirit fill us daily with Hope and Joy, while we look to his return.

Shouldn’t we be telling those around us about this too?

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The Ice man cameth!!!!

Note the frozen phone line in the middle!

As forecast, yesterday the  Iceman or as in Austrian folklore, the Ice Saints  (St. Marmetus, Pancras and Servatius) have been to visit.  This is a Europe wide tradition because these Saints have their feast days during the period when this weather happens, so by default they cause it.  More Catholic mumbo jumbo!!!!!!!!!  Still I’ve got all my tender annuals tucked up under fleece along with the just germinated peas.

We get all this stuff about Global warming and climate change, so I ask this. If it’s all changing so much, why is this phenomenon of a cold spell at the end of May so regular  that its part of folklore and keeps on happening?

Random comment now! One of my jobs today, I found a note asking me to do the windows (which I do every week) and again instructions on what cloths to use, which she’s already told me. I took offence and it took me all morning to get over it. It is difficult to see sometimes when the light is dim in this house if there are smears but I do try to check.  I must realise I’m just the cleaner, not expected to be that bright or do things.  God gave me this job to keep my feet on the ground, and thank you Joyce Meyer for showing me how stupid my reactions are.  This Boss probably has a lot of stress and forgets what she says.