So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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How’s the new job?


As I was moaning the other week, I’ve started yet another job, this time at the local farm which has a restaurant in the barn!  To my pleasure, I knew the woman who works there too and we have a common interest in dogs and after my first day, our dogs met too. But we don’t often work together as there are three shifts. I seem to be on the morning one, which is fine by me, as I have more energy first thing. There is also afternoon for clearing up after lunches, ironing and evenings for washing up. Mornings is the cleaning up after evening events, which is doing the kitchen and floors, loos and the restaurants. Simple enough.

Of course I made some blunders, not realising I needed to have the kitchen finished when there is a lunch for the boss to cook. My first Sunday I was swanning around and the other cook arrived and wasn’t too pleased at a wet floor! Of course, the boss could have told me! Still I think I’ve got it together after about three weeks, although at times, I’ve been fed up with the whole cleaning thing and nearly chucked it in due to miscommunication and tiredness. Yesterday, there was a band celebrating it’s 20 years, and it had rained. It looked like a herd of cows had partied, smashing the glasses all over the place and I had my first load of vomit to clear up!!!! It took me five hours to sort it and I was exhausted after! But the boss was actually quite chatty for the first time when she saw I had done it, she had been as white as a sheet first thing that morning, they’d been up till 5 am. Although she has picked me up on blunders I’ve made, such as leaving buckets out and missing some sweeping (Had to ask for the hoover on Sunday!), maybe I’m earning her friendship.

BUT the job so far has some really good advantages. Its usually only a shift of four hours, leaving the rest of the day free, and its not every day, although there is a lot of weekend work, I had this Saturday off and now three weekdays, so I get time to myself to write and do my things. Maybe in this way I’ll get over the not liking working weekends syndrome! It also struck me, that this job, (so long as there is no Erna and Mad boss),I finish, go home and forget all about it. Comparing to other jobs where  I’ve gone home and woken in the middle of the night remembering things I’ve forgotten. Compared it to the stress of when I worked in an office, I will have my peace!

They also let me fit in the Meals on Wheels around it. I get top up pay from the job centre to get the money up to dole level (its only 16-20 hours),  because I’m a wrinkly.  I’m beginning to slowly feel hopeful that this job could be a starter, after all this is my 10th job in 9 years!!!!!!!

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Austrians are nuts for Christmas!

Christmas is coming!

That might get me some views!  As you know, I have this cleaning job, relatively little stress, I just go home and forget it till the following week.  Great.  My most difficult lady had asked me to do some extra cleaning before Christmas, like a Autumn clean as opposed to a spring clean I suggested and she agreed.

If you’ve seen my previous post, you’ll know I’ve already run foul of this.  It was only when I was talking to the Boss that the full extent of this idiocy has been revealed to me.  It seems it cultural tradition to deep clean the house before Christmas, as in cleaning the tiles with a toothbrush.  She said how she loved doing it and her husband is worse than this, going around with the white gloves and telling her off if he finds dust.  Quite honestly, if Dave tried this with me, he’d not only get a one fingered salute but the toothbrush painfully inserted!

Admittedly, I’ve liked to have my house clean for Christmas and we’d give the place a going over on Christmas Eve when the kids were young maybe a premonition for when I came here.  Maybe this is all part of the Catholic  guilt trip.

I can deep clean, no problem, I’ll do it to make up the hours, I owe the time, but how so stupidly, completely unnecessary!

PS Have just found out that this is in fact a farming tradition, where the whole farmhouse would be cleaned from attic to cellar in the quiet time after they came down from the Alms and before the main work of the winter began.  Then they’d do it all again in spring.  Maybe no housework inbetween????????