So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Happy Christmas!

Burg Finstergrün

To all who follow me, your comments and support are greatly treasured. I hope you are all having a blessed day, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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New old blog

I’ve been fighting for ages against mailing lists and suddenly remembered the book blog I started last year. Why not simply get people to sign up to that in return for a free book and other offers? So here’s the link and a preview!


Hi Everyone!

This is my new idea to reach you wonderful readers!

For those who follow by email, there will be a free gift of one of my books as I will personally contact you.

Then each month there will be news and special offers with links to other authors who you may like to read too.

Or simply follow the blog with no commitment.

I look forward to meeting you all in comments!


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This time of year is the main time for book buying, then afterwards people are using vouchers. So here is a subtle hint from me about my books and then I’ll not bug you again until the new year!

All are available as ebooks and free on Kindle unlimited. Christmas and Collection are not available as paperbacks.

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Christmas Giveaway One: Ducks!

No, I’m not giving free birds away! I’m promoting ‘The Baize Door’, by giving away a free short story along with an excerpt from the book. Then maybe people might want to read on and buy the book, yup, marketing again.

However, the book is free ONLY from Friday to Tuesday, then there will be another next weekend. It’s on American Pacific time, so if you don’t find it at first, please be patient. All have an animal theme and the final one is a really Christmassy one from Austria.

Happy Reading!




Last Christmas seems so long ago, and this one has just flashed past too! My daughter and her boyfriend were here for a lightning visit, and for me this was a turning point. Usually, I break down in a whining heap after they leave, but this time not. I didn’t have the dread as we sat and drank a coffee at the airport.  I was a little sad, but hugged them and got on with thinking about the Macdonalds on the way home.

The difference? She is now a partner, she is filled with her love for Paul, so in a sense I let my little girl go. I couldn’t even really have the conversation I wanted to with her about my health problem, that came out just in passing. She wasn’t interested.

I had to think back to my Mum and realised the hurt and pain she must have had when I went to Switzerland and later when I got married. I related the visit to how it was when Dave and I visited his parents all those years ago. I got some perspective. I have been longing to have a real conversation with my son as an adult, and last time he visited, there were at last hints he is growing.  So there will soon be a time with Stef, maybe after marriage and babies when we will pull back together. And I can wait for this time, because I know at last it will come.


Happy Christmas and a wonderful New year!

Selling surplus books from the Bücherei at the Advent Market at Burg Finstergrün!

To everyone who follows my blog and me on Facebook,  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and are feeling blessed.

It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year, and so busy, in fact I will be sending my Christmas letter in the new year! I’m so looking forward to being the new leader of the local library, and publishing my new book, but I’m just chilling and re-charging until the  New Year!

So Blessings to you all and just remember why and for who we are celebrating the season!