So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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BOOKS ON SALE; THIS WEEKEND ONLY, 14th and 15th September!

All are available on and Links are below. Do enjoy and leave me a review!!!!


A deceitful friend and an injured horse. Can the horses and dogs in Joanna’s life help her to find faith and healing? Equine Assisted Therapy is a key theme.  ‘A beautiful rural family drama, especially for horse and animal lovers.’ Genevieve Raas



Hardworking Mollie’s life is full of disasters, but can moving in with Chris, in a deal called Compromise living solve her problems?Deeply buried secrets, horses and cows in a gripping drama, where two people try to find their peace. ‘A wonderful story with so many layers…I loved spiritual connection between humans and animals.’ One chapter more


Chris and Mollie might be trying to move on, but their lives are still filled with tragedies, dilemmas and difficult horses. In an explosive climax, will they finally find their happy ending?

Released September 28th.

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Cover reveal!

The third in my series of books about horses, love and faith. I thought the series was finished, but there’s going to be a Christmas story and one set in Austria… Here’s the blurb!

Chris and Mollie thought it was time to move on; change is good, isn’t it?

But in going their separate ways, they just hit more problems and complications.

Chris leaves the farm to meet his mentor Alan. But his dream of a happy time sorting himself out in the community on the Dorset coast is ruined by a terrible accident. Chris must return to work with horses to make amends. Returning home brings more shocking revelations throw new light on his troubled gender identity. More trapped than ever before, can he find a way out?

Mollie starts her dream of boarding girls from her old school but finds herself out of depth and struggling with the teenagers’ demands and moods. It seems the idea is a disaster for all. But maybe, Ann from the stables has a solution.

Galloping through all these misadventures is the equestrian sport of Vaulting and the struggles of Keith, the stallion who has caused the two so many problems. Strange arrivals, a new horse, a Nun and Mollie’s mother all combine to bring even more chaos to the struggling pair. The journey for all ends in a shattering conclusion but will Mollie and Chris finally get their happy ending? Does it need God to step in and change things?

A standalone follow on to Compromise.

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Challenger: Horses Reflect Our Souls by [Rashbrook, Anna]

Today is the last day of the sale of great books on Mom’s Favorite Reads on Amazon AND Challenger on special offer of 99c.

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Sale on Mom’s favorite Reads Amazon store

No photo description available.

Mom’s has a special sale from Friday 9am (BST) to Tuesday 9am (BST) on the Amazon store. Fantastic deals for the holidays!

Challenger is of course there at 99c or less in the UK. This is a once only for Challenger, so readers get in there.

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Guest Post: Christine Meunier

Another great horse writer!

I am an Australian author and educator. I actually started out as a stud hand and still have a passion for the thoroughbred stud industry! Now I work as a teacher of equine studies and especially love the breeding subjects that I get to teach and write about.

As a stud hand I would relate day’s events to my mother and she would tell me, ‘You should write a book!’ That birthed an idea and over 10 years I gathered ideas and experiences that shaped Horse Country, my debut novel for young adults. From here the idea for the Free Rein series for children built and the first book wrote itself over 2 weeks!

I love to write and to incorporate educational and factual content into the stories in the hope of helping to keep the stories realistic and to educate the reader about horses and working with them in Australia. As a Christian I also like to be able to share about my faith though some books have more than others.

More recently I have been working on the Thoroughbred Breeders series for young adults and book 8 was just released March 1! This series follows the lives of Savannah Reynier, a young woman from Reunion Island who lives in Australia and works as a stud hand and Craig Pieterson, a South African veterinarian turned farrier who also lives in Australia.

Thoroughbred Breeders (8 Book Series) by Christine Meunier

Last not least, her all time favourite horse book!

The horse book that I read time and again, know a lot off by heart and that captures my imagination is the Silver Brumby by Australian author Elyne Mitchell. The story told from the horse’s point of view has been done by a few people but is very uniquely described by Elyne with a focus on the horse’s survival needs. That said, it’s factual but a really entertaining fictional story of a glorious palomino colt growing up in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. It’s a delightful read and the rest of the series is worth checking out, too.

Freshman (Thoroughbred Breeders Book 8)

Christine Meunier, equine author and educator – horse books that are educational and entertaining – Equus Education: Your Horse Career Starts Here – explore what God’s word says about wealth

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Guest blog: Natalie Kelly Reinert

One of the joys of being a horsey writer has been the wonderful people I’ve met. Please now meet Natalie Kelly Reinert who is one if not the most popular US writer!

I’ve been obsessed with both horses and writing for as long as I can
remember. I started riding lessons when I was ten, but I started writing
stories a lot younger than that! Over the years I’ve been a pro equestrian
in some diverse disciplines, including eventing, racing, and mounted
police. My experience informs my fiction, so I write novels about young
women dealing with the ups and downs of equestrian life as they navigate
the horse racing and eventing worlds. I also love writing about places
which have left a deep impression on me, so most of my stories take place
in Florida, home of extreme weather and personalities, and in New York
City… home of the same, actually! Two of my racing novels, Other People’s
Horses and Turning for Home, have been finalists for the Dr. Tony Ryan Book
Award, for horse racing literature.

Natalie and Ben

Natalie and Ben

Current project:
My latest book release is Horses in Wonderland, a follow-up to my 2015
novel, Show Barn Blues. The novel explores what happens when a barn owner
in a rapidly developing area of Florida decides to take on the theme parks
at their own game. It was a lot of fun to take readers inside a
fictionalized version of the Disney World stables, home of, as they put it,
“the Happiest Horses on Earth.”

Horses in Wonderland (Show Barn Blues Book 2) by [Reinert, Natalie Keller]

All-Time Favorite Horse Book:
My all-time favorite horse book is The Black Stallion’s Courage. As a kid,
I was just obsessed with racing, and the entire Black Stallion series fed
that obsession. The Black Stallion’s Courage is the best one because it
follows the summer stakes races in New York… which in opinion, are the
best races all year!Show Barn Blues

Natalie Keller Reinert
Fiction – Freelance Writing – Social Media
Author of The Eventing Series, The Alex and Alexander Series, and other novels for equestrians
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So much new!

Since the publication of Challenger, things have been really exciting!
It’s now on an Amazon ad with BooksGoSocial, and Mirna Gilman did the brilliant cover for me.
I’ve been involved with Mom’s Favorite Reads, and emagazine. This is the future for authors to get noticed. Like the BGS International review, this is available only in the ether as it is. There is a dedicated team of authors who seek to make a business and a success out of publishing and a larger group of other writers. The aim is to make an outstanding magazine and promote our work. The magazine in all it’s editions is number One on Amazon. I was thrilled to be featured as the author profile in the February edition, here’s a section, the rest is on my Amazon page. I’m now starting a group on Goodreads for Mom’s which is another challenge-pun  intended.
All my books and short stories are featured in the spring catalogue too on page 15!
I’ve made contact with three great horse book writers, Amanda Wills, Christine Meunier and Natalie Kelly Reinert,, all of who will be guest blogging on here soon. We are discussing starting a store front for horse books, as there still is no category for adult horse fiction on Amazon.
I’ve made contact with an old work colleague and we’re going to do some collaboration together, she writes from the practical side of Equine assisted therapy.
Compromise, the follow-up to Challenger is with an editor and the beta readers, I might get to publish by Easter, but I have a chance to submit early to a new publisher in the UK.
Tom, my first book has been submitted to Channillo to be a series.
Chances, the follow-up to Compromise has 2,000 words already and seems to have a mind of it’s own, not going where expected at all!
I’ve just landed a new part-time job which will fund me and I’ll be able to write this summer, if I can ever catch up with all this marketing.
There certainly hasn’t been any time to get bored this winter!