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Friesach, Karnten

While Dave was on his holidays, my choice was for a day exploring, so we took off in the car and headed up to a place called Flattnitz.  We’d started driving there last year but had to head home.  It turned out to be a ski resort, with loads of walking, and we saw the church which we think must have once been a Burg.

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However, the clouds were building and we didn’t think it safe to risk going up high.  So we motored down through a luxuriant but boring valley in Carinthia (Karnten) until we came upon the town of Friesach. We spent the day exploring a Medieval town, complete with walls, Burg, towers, museums, market street. All part of Europe’s fascination with all things medieval, but what a nice chance day out!


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Preber Schiessen

The target

One of the local customs takes place on the lake Preber.  It claims to be the only place in Austria that does it, but I understand they do it just over the hill in a valley in Karinthia too.  Apparently someone was shooting a deer and by accident, the bullet hit the water but still killed the deer. So now there is an annual competiton where you have to shoot at the refection of the target in the water and your bullet will hit the real one.  Must go and have a go this August!!!