So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Burg Finstergruen in the snow


The favourite view from my kitchen window, now has new lighting. Think its cute in the snow!

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Burg Finstergrün sleeps

Shame we couldn’t get inside, bet it’s cold in there!


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Village Tales #2

Mr B and I were enjoying the sunshine after a week of bad weather and we heard some deer barking (they do) on the hills and a stag running away. Oh, more bad weather coming he said, rats thought I!

After I told him about the Ice pond, he sort of remembered that and then said about 50 years ago he was asked to go and help clear the water source at Burg Finstergrün.  You can just see the door in the rock in the picture. He said  he went in about 100 metres and then did a a left and he was in a mine. He and his mate went along and he saw many ‘Stollens’ or tunnels running off. They cleared it and he said it was the best pure water. How I would love to go and look if I didn’t get claustrophobic!!!

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A new view of Burg Finstergrün


I saw this quite unexpectedly when on the hills above the village. It makes the Burg seem even more of a Grimm brother’s fairytale castle!


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Castle in the sun


In the recent very late snowfall, I got this shot of Burg Finstergrün as the sun was going down.


This light happens in the spring, it’s to do with the angle of the sun, and it’s height…. and the sun being out down the valley I guess!


Not normally noticeable, but I think its quite stunning!



Weekly Photo Challenge:Between


Quite suddenly the other evening, I saw this light come down on Burg Finstergrün through our kitchen window. The sun is actually behind me in this photo, and is coming between  hills making it look as though this ray of evening light is coming from the opposite direction. I know the exposure isn’t good but it only lasted a short time.


Often in my life I’ve been stuck between people and conflicts, stuck in depression, if only this place could be the sunny spot like here, not in the dark!