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Since the demise of Paggy, the Bullfinches have been coming to my bird table. This year they stayed and had babies. I feel honoured!

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This Spring#2

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Last autumn, we had a  lot of trees taken down around our garden, but it took Dave reminding me of this, to understand why there were so few birds feeding on our table all winter! They had lost their shelters and feeding grounds.  But with this cold spell and the winds, I have the most colourful flock feeding for safety on the ground.  I counted 5 Goldfinches this morning, the only trouble is the little swines pull all the sunflower seeds out of the feeder, I’m getting through loads. I have Bullfinches, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Spotted woodpecker, all the tit family,but sadly no squirrels as I think their dreys went with the trees.

I know a lot of shots are still blurred, I’ll soon get the knack with the new camera……..

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Dead things


Dead, squashed mole!

This wet and humid summer is playing havoc with the wildlife. While I’ve been out with the dog, there’s been dead moles all over the place and many dead fledglings. The moles I guess have been washed out, unable to find the worms maybe. The fledglings wet and not many bugs to be fed upon with this rain, bees and butterflies don’t fly!!


The result is, in middle August, I’ve started feeding the birds who’ve come down to avoid the storms. I’ve got about six Bullfinches,  some sparrows, I’ve seen chaffinches, most of the tit family and greenfinches. They certainly are hungry! The Robins are back, I love their chattering, clicking song, reminds me of when my son was born!  The Fieldfares are forming into groups now the Vogelberries are ripening. And I’m seeing more and more field pigeons which have arrived since us, nine years ago.

Its now late August and it feels more autumnal than late summer. The farmers have been cutting hay when they can, I can see it going on until September, but I wonder of the quality of the hay when its all so full of water! The thunderstorms have been incredible too! Inbetween the wet has been beautiful weather, just wish there was more of it!

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Bullfinch Baby


Paggy’s Bullfinches have stayed the summer, especially as I’ve kept up the sunflower seeds, and recently they brought their new baby to feed from the table.


So excited was I, shots aren’t quite in focus, hmmmmmmmm


One upshot of me feeding the Bullfinches is that I’ve also been feeding an extended family of Greenfinches and Great Tits, all of whom bicker and argue about sharing the table. And there’s a certain puppy that has caught four of them and brought them in to me as trophies……

I’ve gone through nearly 25kg of sunflower seeds in about six weeks, I can see that this winter I’ll have to restrict the amount I put out or we’ll be going without to keep them fed!

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A legacy from Paggy

P1290676 (2)

He was always one to boast that all the best birds came to his table and that they just came to mine when his was empty! However, now the trees have all been felled at his place, I have had a gift.

P1290668 (2)

IMG_1384 (2)The Bullfinches which rarely came to me are now regulars to my table, feasting on the sunflower seeds.There are two pairs, and for such a beautiful bird, the have a rather pathetic call, more of a short, soft, single pipe, but that can be quite aggressive to any other birds on the table. Thanks Paggy!