So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Taking a break from packing, getting annoyed by Austrian bureaucracy, waiting for solicitors to get their fingers out-pingdemic, BAH! It’s the main bug time here in Lungau, here are a few!


My lane, June 11th



More Haytime

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Rose time

White flower time!

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But most of all BUG TIME!

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June, bugs and blooms


June seems the time that the bugs appear and feast on the new pollen in the flowers. Of course, being the Lungau, we get the May bugs in June and the June bugs in July!


There’s been some quite spectacular beetles this year. mostly on the flower heads.P1270436¬† The bees have been frantically unzipping the snap dragons!


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Name the bug!


No this isn’t a weekly challenge, although it could be! ¬†This fine fellow has been trotting around the garden for a couple of weeks, he’s been on the wall, burrowing in the flower beds and generally moseying around. He’s a whopper too, about One and a half to two inches- that’s why we keep on seeing him -or her?? Just hope it doesn’t tuck into the house……..