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Competition time – iX13

I’ve been nominated for the IX13 award, second time running!  Do go and vote for me if you thing the blog is worth it, details below!

It’s competition time – iX13 is here!

It is time to share your experiences abroad! It is time for our annual IX blog competition!

We are excited to launch the fifth edition of the Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs (have a look at IX12IX11IX10 andIX09). Every year we host the IX-competition to recognize the 100 most exciting, inspiring, open-minded bloggers who write about their high-school or university exchange, their expat experience, their au-pair adventure or other experience abroad.

We really enjoy bringing the exchange blogger community together because it is always a good opportunity to share experiences and learn about different cultures. If you know a great blog by someone undertaking a semester abroad, an international internship, or any sort of exchange program that involves living abroad you are in the right place!

The nominations for the Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2013 are now open untilJanuary 31st 11:55 p.m. CET (German Time). Nominate your favorite blog by sending an e-mail with the URLand contact information to meri [at] or leave a comment below.

You have the chance to get to know new interesting blogs while the bloggers have the opportunity to gain a whole new group of readers. There will, of course, be some nice prizes for the winners.

The deadline to submit your favorite blog is Thursday January 31st at 11:55 p.m. (CET), so hurry up! If you have any questions about the competition then check out this “how the competition works”-guide or send an email to meri [at]


Back again!

September, the cows are coming home

It’s been quite a while but I’ve given into the drug,and I’m back to Blogging. Dave let his job at the garden centre and so I was immediately unable to sped so much time writing! I must say though, we’ve done a lot of walking and been busy in the garden and so on.

At the same time I was blogged out, I felt I had nothing to say. Maybe joining the Postaday idea and keeping to it was a mistake – and I must say, I’ve seen a lot of blogs that have the logo and don’t including the Daily Post itself. What value did the virtual world I was creating have?  Only two people commented on my taking break. How many folks join a blog but rarely read it? I’m guilty of that.  I think the ‘likes’ tell it all.  I’ve kept the photochallenges up because they are simple and quick, but their viewings are dropping.  If you don’t get an entry on very quickly after the challenge is set, you get less views as time goes by. You see I’m still hooked as I check the stats!

I get a view into other people’s lives through the  blogs I follow, but they don’t know me, or me them.  Dave says all this is virtual net curtain tweaking, being nosy into other people’s  lives. Maybe so, but some of the blogs are fascinating and very well written.  Maybe its a case of keeping a perspective, and in the winter I will have more time.  My goal this year is also to try some watercolour landscape paintings.  I’ve felt released by my break, blogging was taking up too much of my time.

I’ve been a compulsive diary writer since a child and have kept the private one going all this time. That could be another blog – but would have to under a different identity!!!!!! I’m going to blog now when I feel like it.  There are so many challenges around now, you could fill your whole week doing them, its not for me.

HOWEVER!   Most of all, my time has come.  There are huge changes afoot in our local Christian community. After five years of learning, reading, becoming patient, God has let me a couple of times take my brakes off and its been full-blown, outright working for him.  I will have to find a way how to chronicle this.  This is the most important thing in my life from now on and maybe as I detail this, my blog will be a small witness also to the world and how Christianity is growing in the Lungau………but I will also have to tell you just what that Wuehlmaus got up to in my garden and the Trachenfrauen and the walks……………..

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WordPress technical puzzled blog

I’ve found it great that as I write my blog, all these Recommnded Links appear and I can put them in my blog, hopefully finding more readers. They generate good tags and I think they are linked to the  recommendations – I may be wrong.  So why is it that when I look at Facebook and Linked In, these sites block these links, turning my work into nonsense? Is it worth having these links?  WordPress say they can do nothing abotu it. Do enough people on these sites read my stuff that it matters?  I’m sure few click and read the original post.  Do I stop putting them on at the cost of my blog  not being found by the great interweb commnity?  Most of my readers seem to come via The Daily Post and thats been the greatest joy and success for me.

Does anyone else get fed up with adding the links and categories?

Does anyone else have this  Security warning come up when you update, add new or change your blog saying that the HTTP isnt secure and do you want it secure – saying yes blocks a great deal of stuff. It slows everything down when writing and adding photos.

What do you think folks?

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Oh no, she’s not created yet another blog has she?

I’ve been having such a blast with reading my Kindle and book reviewing and entering new competitions and finding so much stuff to blither about, I’ve gone and re-created the Book review blog as there was such a backlog building.

This time, I’ve stuck with WordPress as it works not like some I could mention!  There will be some repeats but also updates and I’ll use both to unashamedly plug my own stuff!

Here’s the address;


Tom, book reviews, new blog

All the pictures of  books on my blogs can now be clicked on to make a direct link to  to see more and even buy! Hint, hint, hint.  How come I had so many downloads and no ones written a review -is it that bad???????

Many people seem to enjoy my  book reviews as seen by the traffic it brings to the blog, but WordPress won’t let me cash in by adding advertising on this beyond creating direct links to the book on the blog page. So I created another blog, just to do the reviews – which for a while will be repeating the most succesful of the WordPress ones. Do have a look!

Having started this, I find the blogger and Google have blocked any form of advertising on the site apart from through their own Adsense scheme, so my being an Amazon affiliate and to make a little money seems to have foundered!  I can see their point, but now I’ll have to see how the second blog takes off, it may just be a waste of time unless I do their advertising.  Having spent a week of frustration not even being able to get the book links to work, it seems it wasn’t such a good idea!!!

Well, its in God‘s hand, I give it a month or six weeks and see how it goes!

Of course if loads of people bought Tom……………

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New Direction – a poll