So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Blackbird in the bath

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Taken in 2008 in England, wish I’d taken more!

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Hot Blog!!!!!!!

Fruit cage fence peering out of the snow!

The small Ice age seems to have passed, although that’s relative of course!  We still only have +2 or 3 in the day, and up to -10 at night. it snowed on Monday but the snow Linda just had to shovel was melted by the end of the day!  However, there’s a feeling of spring in the air as the birds have started to sing in the garden. The Blackbird has returned and I’ve just seen the first Greenfinch.  I’m officially jealous of Paggy  who has had the first Bullfinch  visit his table.  It’s surprising how soft the air feels too, the lack of cold filling it with some mild scent that I cannot pinpoint. In fact its a couple of days since I wrote this, and last night it RAINED, and its +8, not normal and far too early for a thaw. Saying that, snow is forecast at the weekend, but we’ve so much water lying about, it’ll turn into an ice-rink here when it freezes again!

Fruit cages minus snow!

My main problem is that I’m now feeling permanently hot!  The sudden change makes the house feel too warm although we’re heating it less.  Maybe the body needs to catch up.  Maybe our supply of wood will last,  Linda said she has burnt lots more this year too  For you eco-friendly peeps, our wood is carbon neutral as it is grown locally by a  farmer and replanted as soon as it is felled! It’s mainly  pine with alder and sycamore, all of which are local, no oak or beech here though -its too cold although I have seen a couple of oaks in people’s gardens.

Yet the snow is still up to the top of our fruit bed fences, that’ll take some while to thaw.  I’m sat writing this having had one of my sponge bob days, for the past two weeks I’ve been constantly on the go and I knew I had to bale out for a day, I was exhausted.  So I’ve sat and written, loaded more samples onto my Kindle – I’ve over 70 now, where will I find the cash to buy them all????  Still at least they’re free!  I get to see the Thyroid doctor again in two weeks, this permanent exhaustion is getting me really down.  Yes, Andrew Wommack fans I’ve rebuked, commanded and cussed it, and it still comes back.  Maybe its disbelief!   Does anyone else when they are tired, they  just want a day of completer silence and isolation, no one in their body space, time to think pray and read and recharge their batteries?