So where's the snow?

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This Spring#2

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Last autumn, we had a  lot of trees taken down around our garden, but it took Dave reminding me of this, to understand why there were so few birds feeding on our table all winter! They had lost their shelters and feeding grounds.  But with this cold spell and the winds, I have the most colourful flock feeding for safety on the ground.  I counted 5 Goldfinches this morning, the only trouble is the little swines pull all the sunflower seeds out of the feeder, I’m getting through loads. I have Bullfinches, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Spotted woodpecker, all the tit family,but sadly no squirrels as I think their dreys went with the trees.

I know a lot of shots are still blurred, I’ll soon get the knack with the new camera……..


Feathers on Friday – Goldfinch


Just love doing duck shots!


Here’s one of a rare visitor to our garden, the Goldfinch.



Three of them turned up and feasted on the grass seeds. Beautiful!


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How to Scare Sparrows – Part two!



Scared the wits out of the little gang of sparrows that sit in the bush! The  hawk flew into it trying to grab one, and they froze. It then tried to lure them into false security but sitting on the bird table. Second attempt he dived in the bush and one flew out so it took off in pursuit.  Sparrows were back in half an hour stuffing their beaks again!!!!


Bird vandalism


I’ve been carefully transplanting primroses and cowslips from the grass into the garden for several years and I’m pleased with the result. Until yesterday.


I know the pictures are blurred – I was so determined to catch them in the act!!!!!

It’s been great having the small group of Greenfinches feeding, till I saw this little game.  Swines!

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Where are the birds?


As I write on January 17th, we have no fresh snow here and it’s actually raining. Nuts. Earlier in the winter all looked quite promising as I had Jays visiting the table and the Nutcrackers ever popped in for the odd visit. Since Christmas, the birds have gone. I have the resident group of Field Sparrows and Great Tits. An occasional Blackbird,Robin and Blue Tit, but no one else. If anything its saving me on the bird food. The only thing I can think of, they’ve stayed on the greener slopes higher up as they can access all the ground stuff. Maybe they’ll be back when we get some snow. No one I’ve spoke to can remember it being like this. Maybe its the knock on from the USA weather.  I have seen a group of Fieldfares in the valley, feasting on the huge crop of Vogelberries  (Mountain ash berries), which I’ve never seen before here  but they to have gone.

Anyone else seen anything odd?


Dead Bird


Poor little fellow flew into one of our windows and yet again, I can’t identify him.  Possibly a baby tree creeper? Ideas?