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Michaelmas Daisies

A shared breakfast

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Next Year’s garden


Having lost my large flowerbed to Swingle’s feet, I had to make a plan about the future. Am I losing interest in gardening, getting stale, time to move on? The I was inspired by the bees and butterflies this autumn. I’m going to fill the garden with bee and butterfly bulbs, bushes and flowers! We’ll try buddlea from seed as its so expensive, and have already bought some bulb packs with earlier flowers. I have loads of Michelmass daisies, something to plan more in the winter!


Do you have nay varieties of plants you know the Bees and butterflies love?????



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We had a new Mayor elected in Ramingstein this spring, which necessitated a big party and procession in the autumn. This tradition is unique to Ramingstein and dates back to the Slovenian times. A cupboard is kept in the mayors house filled with good wishes and certificates but this must be given to the new Mayor. Also the mayor has three horseshoes nailed to his feet, representing I don’t know what, and then the procession goes to the new Mayor’s house where speeches or songs are given. It all has a strict order with the coaches and  there has to be a wedding party. Not always possible so this year the Catholic Woman dressed up to represent it!  I was with the Tracthenfrauen as a bee-I can now reveal!  This is because the new Mayor is a bee keeper. We leant a song and a play and early on the Saturday morning we put on makeup and costumes and got on the float. Off to Ramingstein where all the float lined up, then to Kendlbruck where we had a long wait to do our play – the stupid song still haunts me! After our play we were given a crate of beer which we drank as we went again to Ramingstein for the final speeches and then back to Kendlebruck for a meal and a singsong and by 9.30 I was finished!

And in-between? Meeting new people, chatting, laughter  as we recognised friends in other daft costumes. An amazing day, but I just hope he gets re-elected again in five years!!!