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Teaching – the last day


I needed an extra caffeine dose that morning, but off I went. I thought the worst was over.  I gave the tests back and said how clever they all were,only to find I’d written a mark wrongly and had to regrade, Andrea wasn’t even pleased I’d put her up a band.  Then Hilda burst in and I got tough for once and said hang on, I’ll be with you in a minute.  I’d noticed that they always perked up with her enthusiasm – and no doubt better German!!!!!  Then the  lady from the Jobseekersoffice  arrived (AMS) so when she got to the how was the course I left the room.  I managed over the next hour to take students out for their reports and on the whole they were happy – or maybe accepting. One of the ladies was really nice to me about you know who. Some were really over qualified for the course. So of course Hilda bursts in again and interrupts, doing her speciality which is  positive thinking and personality stuff, great but this wasn’t the time for it.  I was beginning to resent her interference. So I asked her to do this outside while I finished.  I popped the unsigned reports to Daniela and Andrea, to fond we must have forgotten to alter them in yesterday.  So more sh)(&t and off to re-write. I gave one certificate to a lady who was leaving early, but she said too there was a mistake – I’d thought they were all ok.  Hilda had said great and given them to me to print, my faith in my own ability to read and write German having long disappeared.  Then the Boss rang, they needed a survey on what the students were now looking for jobwise, so he asked Hilda to do it not me.  I was really past caring by then and finished the certificates and reports. At last all was finished.   Hilda went. She’d said to me that the group had wanted  to say something to me earlier – and I fully admit I thought I might get a card but they were now all sitting around with faces like Daniela’s – sour stewed prunes.  I’ve no idea what had happened. So I gave out the certificates, said how well they’d all done.  I was stumped, should I have sung and danced and clapped? I made some bad jokes about how we sometimes put all our certs on the loo wall in my family. Then I asked where we were going to ‘Fiern’ not exactly celebrate, but we’d said earlier we’d all go to a cafe. Then I got, I need to collect my kid, the car etc.  So I said Ok, lets all go home and Good bye. Thank you.  I was so devastated I didn’t know what to do.  Maybe I had done something wrong culturally, I have no idea. I wasn’t expecting  a bunch of flowers but a small thanks would have been nice.  They’d given Andrea slippers and Chocolates when she left. I know this is all childish, but maybe I was looking for some affirmation.  I sat in the office, just numb, I looked out of the window and they were all outside smoking.  I hid until they had all gone, then went home feeling totally crushed.