So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Water, rock and sun

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Cow time!

Another favourite time of year for me. The cows are coming down from the Alms and all around is the tinkling of the bells. Drives Dave nuts, but I love it!   Can you spot the cow that’s been to a party?

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On August 24th, I was in Tamsweg and saw the swallows gathering to get ready to fly to Africa. It was amazing, you imagine such things are in the past. But no, here they were hundreds of them!

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Bella and Swingle’s holiday

For International dog day!

Bella came to stay for a few days and we had a ball!

Paddling was best in the hot weather.

Plenty of games of bitezes!

I even let her sleep on my favourite bit of the sofa!

In the woods was fun too.

Bella fell in the pond once, I did warn her! Oh it was fun!

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The library goes on the legend trail!

In reverse order! As part of our summer programme we went to Kendlebruck and walked through the village to the little pilgrimage church; Maria Hollenstein. It means literally a hole in a stone. It was found that the water running through it has healing properties for eyes. The church dates back to the 18th century, and was renovated in the 1950s. They’re now raising €1,000,000 to do it up again. Shocking waste of money as far as I’m concerned….Still the kids had a great time, especially in the playground at the end!

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At Last! An Austrian wedding.

After so many funerals over the past years, it was great to get an invite to a wedding. It was of the leader of our local Gemeinde or council and his wife used to run the kindergarten. We just got invited to the church service and the evening do.

The whole thing was quite complicated. I heard that they were awakened with a gun salute at 5 am, which a lot of folks get on a round birthday. Later on in the morning, the Bride and Groom were legally married by a registrar up at Burg Finstergrün and we guess quite a lot of beer followed as Dave spent all Friday setting it up.

Then they were down in Gemeinde and up to all antics. As he is part of the local voluntary fire-brigade, they set up all sorts of jokes, songs and dances. There was also a fake bride, which Linde tells me is a traditional thing.

They then walked up to the church.

They were blessed at the door, then it was a formal service with a Mass.

Lots of people with kids, no one seemed to have thought to bring things to keep the kids quiet! It was lovely that the choir was there and some of the songs were modern and in English.

Afterwards, there was a guard from the Football team and the Kindergarten kids came and sang a song. Wine and bread were on offer.

They also said that cake and coffee was available in the local guest house. The wedding group then went back up to Finstergrün for more drinks etc.

Then there was a big meal at our local restaurant, the Jagglerhof, followed by dancing and merriment.

What a day, makes an English wedding seem quite uncomplicated. Still, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although we didn’t make it to the evening do. Quite a culture change!

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I haven’t written poetry for years. Then, on a prayerful walk the other morning, these words came to me.

Chariots of clouds, carrying God’s coolth across the land.

Well, I liked it, maybe it’s the beginning of a poetic phase…