So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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A coooold spring!

Anyone else still having a hyperactive April with an added arctic blast?



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May Bank Holiday

Not unusual, but only the second time I have ever seen my cherry blossom covered with snow!

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Austrian Funeral

It would be so nice to have a wedding or a christening to go to, but no. Sadly one of neighbours died recently who lived on a farm just across the fields from us. He had been in a home but sometimes I had talked to him as he would sit in odd corners where I walked the dog.  His wife has what we call green fingers, I’m always amazed when I walk past the farm at how her garden flourishes. I felt I needed to go to support his family and show we cared.

So on a freezing afternoon, off we went. As we filed into the church I noticed that most of the men went on the right, then as we filed out, Linde pulled my arm and said let the men out first. So of course, my feminist hackles rose. I later found out that in the past, when a man died all the men went to the right and the women left, and when a woman died it wasn’t so important. Now I’m all for respecting customs but that had me angry. Next funeral I will sit on the right with the other feminists, and will barge out first!

A couple of days later, I saw some work starting on the wobbly, run down fences of the farm. Seb, the son and Christian, his son were busy. Christian has inherited the farm and will start running it until such time as it’s free then move in. Wonderful to see a family farm keep the tradition.

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Clocks and summer time

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Do you hate the clocks changing as much as I do? Today it was really hard to get out and take Swingle for her walk, but now I’m getting going! It was great to hear on the news last night that the EU is going to stop all this in a couple of years, at last. Austria is going to be slightly different, having opted to bring this is in half-hour increments so we get used to it slowly. What a great idea, next year we’ll move back and forwards half an hour and the following year stop. Brilliant!



I just celebrated my 59th birthday. A few decades ago, I would be considered ready for the comfy chair and and a bit of knitting.

Nowadays it’s just another start. I have to work until I’m 66 @:%=#**#=# it! I’m building my career as a writer hope to start some painting, and ride again.

So next year? Be warned! I’m planning a big 60th party in the UK. Then (don’t tell the pension people) I’m going to re-generate, following year I’m going to be 59 again. Good idea???

Just to cheer us up on these cold days!

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Burg Finstergrün sleeps

Shame we couldn’t get inside, bet it’s cold in there!