So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Coral Snow

I was so excited to finally see this after eleven years! So much snow, and I’ve seen this rarity only once. People look knowingly and say its a Lungau rarity. It only happens late in the snow year. So now I’m sharing it with you, it really does look like coral doesn’t it?

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Crazy weather

IMG_2643April 27th

It’s not unusual to have a late fall of snow in April, but this year must be the wors and the lastest!  We’ve had several days of a really cold wind and snow showers, which stayed in the air, but the mountains got a covering and even Salzburg! Apparently it came over the UK from Iceland to us. And this morning we woke up to it laying, and as I write at midday we’ve had 25cm!


Yesterday it was all green and the cherries were blossoming everywhere, but the flowers were browning in the freezing wind. So I guess precious few cherries this year! Dave and I have covered all the plants in the greenhouse,so glad we hadn’t planted anything out!  We were quite smug too that we hadn’t yet taken the winter tyres off the car, meaning Dave was the only one to drive up the steep road to the Burg for work!  I went for a walk with Elke and her son, and we got frozen and covered in snow as it waited for the main tip when we were at the furthest point away. But the dogs loved it. Poor little Robert was fed up and even tried to get his Dad to come and pick him up!


I was so glad that I’ve still got some bird food and could fill the table up, so many Chaffinches, bullfinches


and the tits are fighting over it all as I write!


And it’s then going to freeze tonight. Sooner or later I expect Linda will be out with the snow shovel, I’m keeping below the parapet, it’ll be gone in a few day-won’t it?????


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The Lane, then and now

A picture taken in approximatley the 1950s


Another one taken by us in 2014 before Paggy died. We think the little dot is the now huge pine tree!


2016 – not quite the same angle, but now all of Paggy’s trees have gone, you can see more.


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The Lane, April 17th 2009

Some watery shots on the Thomatalerbach!

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The Lane, April 16th 2015

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Things starting to change after the late snow had melted. Framers spreading liberal amounts of slurry, at least its organic!!!!!

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The Lane in April

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April 7th 2008! Brrrrrrrrr!   FB click on the link for pictures!