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Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Time’s running out!

Compromise won’t be on sale for much longer, on June 1st, it will go up to 2.99! And it’s a great horsey read, but I’m biased!

Sometimes, things just can’t get any worse, but for hardworking Mollie, they do! She not only has to leave her job at the stables but also find a new home for herself and the dogs.

Then a chance encounter with old friend Chris at the Hazeley show brings a solution; Compromise living. Mollie gets a new start on his farm and Chris gets freedom from being harassed by the Riding club ladies.

But will this just make things worse? As deeply buried emotions and hurt begin to surface, Mollie has to make sense of her past and Chris has to come to terms with his deeply buried sexuality.

None of this is helped by the cows and Keith a slightly dippy stallion, whose combined antics and dramas cause confusion and heartbreak.


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Guest Post; Patricia Snelling

Another great guest post, this time from New Zealand! A sister writer, she’s also a Christian and a rider!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, beliefs, what else you do, what pets/horses do you own?

I grew up in a small village in a rural area in New Zealand. From the age of five, I rode horses which my family owned and trained, often winning prizes in the local horse shows. During my early life, my parents had lived off the land, initially share-milking and later as horticulturalists. During the school holidays, my horses and I were regular visitors to neighbouring farms. I remember the friendly farm dogs, waking with roosters at dawn and picking the wild blackberries that my mother served with fresh cream straight from the cows. I loved rural life and even when my family moved to a small town, I continued to spend my holidays on these farms with the horses and animals I loved.

I became saved at a Billy Graham crusade in the early seventies but none of my family became Christians. I found the journey without the spiritual support of my family difficult and often met opposition from family and friends. Apart from taking refuge in God, my animals gave me much comfort. As well as my horses, I enjoyed the companionship of many domestic animals which included pet lambs, cats and dogs.
After completing my nursing studies and qualifying as a Registered Nurse, I spent six years abroad, living in Australia, England and Europe doing a variety of jobs between my nursing roles.  I returned home to start a family and now reside on the Hibiscus Coast of New Zealand where I have retired. Instead of just reading fiction, I am fulfilling my passion of writing fictional novels.
We live on the coast near the beach and are no longer in a good position to keep animals but we enjoy house-sitting friends’ pets. I keep up my riding by visiting ranches and taking horse treks. I miss my pets who have died so much. Animals were the only things that kept me sane during youth until I let Christ into my life.

I am not religious. That means I don’t adhere to rituals and man-made rules of how to live a Christian life. I live by faith and know I am free from trying to earn God’s favour as it is freely given by His grace to all who believe.

Tell us about your current work or which book you are promoting at the moment.

I write inspirational Christian fiction perhaps most suited to a female audience although men enjoy my books too. The genres are mainly Cosy Mysteries and Suspense Romance with a strong Christian message.
My latest book WHEN HOPE WENT SOUTH is the first in a stand-alone series called the Dart River novels. The Dart River lies in the Southern Alps in New Zealand. Hope is a young woman who sets out on a solitary intrepid journey from the North Island to the Southern Alps in search of her horse that has gone missing. The story suits young and older adults. It is full of action and adventure.

How do you work? Late/early? Where/how do you get your ideas? Are you a plot in the head before starting or step by step writer?

I love burning the midnight oil but my health isn’t in love with it. My routine usually consists of doing all my chores and running errands during the day then by mid-afternoon I sit back in my recliner chair with my laptop and start writing. After the evening meal, I get writing again until midnight. I do have evenings where I just relax and watch TV.

I do not write much of the plot for my books. Usually, before I have finished the current book I am busy with, a new novel is already playing out in my mind. I have a vivid imagination and have a few books already at the back of my mind. I write a basic plot and the rest just flows or unfolds. I ask for God’s guidance as I have entrusted Him as my literary agent and distributor. I have to let go and let God.

Your most favourite book of all time? A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson


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Book of July;The Tower of Babel by G.T. Anders

The Tower of Babel (Vaulan Cycle)

Exciting, new, fresh, a complete suprise!

Having been asked to review this book, I was looking forward to a dip into Science Fiction  being a child of the Asimov generation, but not having read much SciFi for years.

A dying world, where a new Tower of Babel is being built.  A hero who is an artist and a sort of  mystic and a  call to go back to complete a mission.  What’s going on?  I’m not going to tell. Suffice to say, this is a book with a plot that is fulfilled in all the literary ways.  It has drama and great suspense, and it’s unique.  The words of the hero Austin is often more poetic than prose. G.T Anders has experimented with new ideas with prose, and they work, they aren’t intrusive, they build this fantastic, sad world. There are monsters and mysteries and bad baddies and a narrative that spoon feeds you nothing. No long-winded explanations, you have to work at it like the characters but you are carried along.   The ending is beautiful in it’s technique and the final divine love that comes through.

Amazing.  This book needs to be picked up by a Publisher.  Now.

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Book reviews and an offer

1st May and first trip up into the mountains, Weisspriarch

One of my ideas on the other blog  is to offer to do book reviews for books people send me – eBooks I should think mostly.  Then I will review it here, add the review  to any Amazon site, such as and .com and so maybe increase sales.

In the same breath, I want to offer to do critiques of anyone’s book, if they want an in-depth analysis. I’ve a first class honours in English and am an author (!!!!!!), have experience with analysing texts – my brother being the last victim but I’ve done others.  I wouldn’t be offering to get anything published as an agent I’m too far from the UK and US to be effective, but maybe could help people on their way.   I would need at least two chapters and a short synopsis to begin with. Again any such book would then get a review on the Amazons if already self published.  For this, I would have to make a fee but we could negotiate.

Any takers???????

PS forgot to say, contact me through comments!


Tom, book reviews, new blog

All the pictures of  books on my blogs can now be clicked on to make a direct link to  to see more and even buy! Hint, hint, hint.  How come I had so many downloads and no ones written a review -is it that bad???????

Many people seem to enjoy my  book reviews as seen by the traffic it brings to the blog, but WordPress won’t let me cash in by adding advertising on this beyond creating direct links to the book on the blog page. So I created another blog, just to do the reviews – which for a while will be repeating the most succesful of the WordPress ones. Do have a look!

Having started this, I find the blogger and Google have blocked any form of advertising on the site apart from through their own Adsense scheme, so my being an Amazon affiliate and to make a little money seems to have foundered!  I can see their point, but now I’ll have to see how the second blog takes off, it may just be a waste of time unless I do their advertising.  Having spent a week of frustration not even being able to get the book links to work, it seems it wasn’t such a good idea!!!

Well, its in God‘s hand, I give it a month or six weeks and see how it goes!

Of course if loads of people bought Tom……………

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Sea Skimmer by Larry Jeram

You can now click on the picture to see more or even buy!!!

I must admit to being biased in this review as its written by my brother and I spent quite a lot of time reading it before it was published!  The reviews on Amazon say it all, its a great fast packed read, a really brilliant , funny baddy meets his just deserts, and the hero Jon Hunt is great.  Only thing I didnt like was when they shot the dog…….

The Falklands war took place inconveniently when I was due to be married and Larry missed the cermony. He nobly said go ahead anyway!  I can’t believe its thirty years ago, it makes me realise how when I was a child, the Second world war  was still so close to my Mum in the 1960s.

We’d watched the QE2 sail down the Solent, but had little idea really of what was going on.  News reporting was quite different then with the lack of  digital technology that we have today.  I can still remember news reports that such and such a ship begining with the letter A or so has been hit/sunk, must have been a nightmare for the families- compare that to the coverage coming out of Syria today.  Larry spoke on his return of nearly being shot down by an Exocet, which has taken all this time to make its way into the book!  He’s also blogging his was experiences  from  his Flight log book. We seem to be becoming a literay  dynasty