So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Recently we had the 40th anniversary of the local militia. They even had the local kid’s group with wooden guns!

 Each village has one and to us they look like the Toytown soldiers.  This is the Tamsweg group above.

The Samsons and the twins were there too!

For a neutral country, Austria could easily defend itself with old rifles!  In Tamsweg we have a gun shop, no bars on the window and all sorts of guns and devices displayed.  In Murau, they even have the ammunition in boxes in the window (though of course they may be empty).

We always show these shops to visitors – how long would such a display last in the UK?  They even had a cannon, but we missed the firing.  It was 36 degrees and no one fainted, the red cross was going around with water though (but not beer!)