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Snowy winter

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For the first time in several years, we’re having lots and lots of snow. It managed to melt quite a lot for Christmas day, but there was some on the ground, 100% more than the UK! It’s got the skiers happy, and the resorts laughing all the way to the bank! We even went snow shoe walking at Karneralm near us and it was great. There’s a bit of a yoyo effect as it cools and freezes with the cycle of cold and warm fronts and there’ been some crazy snow whirlwinds but I love it!! Swingle goes nuts in snow, eating it like a delicacy when she’s running around. Maybe at last the weather is coming out of the odd rhythm of the past few years, yippee!




Last Christmas seems so long ago, and this one has just flashed past too! My daughter and her boyfriend were here for a lightning visit, and for me this was a turning point. Usually, I break down in a whining heap after they leave, but this time not. I didn’t have the dread as we sat and drank a coffee at the airport.  I was a little sad, but hugged them and got on with thinking about the Macdonalds on the way home.

The difference? She is now a partner, she is filled with her love for Paul, so in a sense I let my little girl go. I couldn’t even really have the conversation I wanted to with her about my health problem, that came out just in passing. She wasn’t interested.

I had to think back to my Mum and realised the hurt and pain she must have had when I went to Switzerland and later when I got married. I related the visit to how it was when Dave and I visited his parents all those years ago. I got some perspective. I have been longing to have a real conversation with my son as an adult, and last time he visited, there were at last hints he is growing.  So there will soon be a time with Stef, maybe after marriage and babies when we will pull back together. And I can wait for this time, because I know at last it will come.


Happy Christmas and a wonderful New year!

Selling surplus books from the Bücherei at the Advent Market at Burg Finstergrün!

To everyone who follows my blog and me on Facebook,  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas and are feeling blessed.

It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year, and so busy, in fact I will be sending my Christmas letter in the new year! I’m so looking forward to being the new leader of the local library, and publishing my new book, but I’m just chilling and re-charging until the  New Year!

So Blessings to you all and just remember why and for who we are celebrating the season!


On writing a book

My book is out with five readers, and I’m eagerly dreading the results. I’ve decided that I will have a bench mark that if three or more say the same thing, then I will take note!

It surprised me what a relief it was to have finished it. In a busy summer, it was always a battle to grab the time to write, especially as I don’t like to work in the evenings as I’m too tired or get moaned at. It took ages of intensive thought to get to the point of writing. I’ve learnt through a failed attempt that to start too soon before I have an end point  means it doesn’t get finished. I enjoy the musing and filling things in, inspiration comes often when dog walking, and in the night, but as I seldom wake enough to write a note, I can only hope I remember!

It sometimes takes three of four up and downs for coffee or snacks to get going, then I don’t want to stop. And I must do it on  my own, if I try to work with Dave home, he always by some sixth sense demands an answer to something when I’m deep in and he just can’t understand how I need to concentrate.

I enjoy the actual typing, I never thought I’d prefer this to writing with pen, and I do at times hate the predictive text coming in with stupid ideas about what I’m writing, that doesn’t happen with a pen!

Fellow authors, what’s your experience?

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The Spirit of Christmas


I expect a lot of you will think, yeah, I got this ages ago. I love reading Christmas books and seeing Christmas films. One thing that has become clear, is that most the kids, whether they are naughty or nice, get presents. Often not deserved. But isn’t this just simply God’s Grace? Being given something freely, underserved, that is a joy.

So I won’t knock Christmas sentimentality any more, its a working of God’s grace.  Do more people need to be aware of this???

Hips and Hops


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October larches


After the sycamores came the larches, never seen such gold!