So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


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Fire lilies

My phone somehow adjusted these pictures, I think these wild lilies do look a bit fiery!


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Strange, unfinished walk!

Last week, when the weather was still hot and damp, we decided to walk in Stadl am der Mur, a small village about 15 from us. We followed the bike path through the village and then took to the woods. Shame I didn’t take a picture of the disused mill we found, it was out of use as all wooden troughs feeding it were broken.  Then we followed a forest track which was cool and fragrant with flowers and plenty of streams for Swingle to paddle in.The track rose and turned back to the mill, and so we headed steeply back down hill. At the foot of the hill we saw the most creepy old hut in the woods, and even I didn’t feel like poking my nose in!Then we found the bridge across the river was out, so I took my boots off and paddled through, Swingle and Dave jumped.We then found a newly made up forest road and went on up the hill again.To our surprise we found a chapel, inside were two much loved statues, the place was obviously visited.Lovely and cool inside too!

We went on up the hill and saw this Hoch sitz for shooting, don’t fancy sitting in it though.

There was a Sika deer farm on the way up too, that will be interesting if they get out, although hardy, they are not native and could disrupt the local deer balance.Several cars were going up and down the hill but there was no hut marked on the map, so as we were getting hungry, we headed back to Stadl for lunch!  There were lots of notes about not letting dogs poop in the hayfields, must be some naughty dog owners in the village, we wore our halos and picked up as usual! We will go again one day and finish the walk, and find out what was taking the people up there!

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A year of excess!

Following the really liberal snow we had this winter, this year seems to be becoming an OTT year in nature too. We’ve still got loads of precipitation, in that we have very warm mornings, then thunder or showers in the afternoon, really making the grass grow, but a nightmare for the farmers who have to gamble if they can wilt the grass for silage and get it baled before it rains. It seems for one year, more traditional hay will be cut which will be wonderful for the wildflowers as they’ll actually have a chance to set seed.

Ash seeds

The trees have gone nuts too! As I posted, the pollen storm was the heaviest in living memory. Now the Ashes


and Elms

are setting seeds and some of the sycamores have gone nuts on flowering.

Of course, it may not be the effect of the warming of the summers, but just the cycle they follow.

The wildflowers were all out a couple of weeks early and were spectacular. There was no late snow, so there should be an abundance of soft fruits for my wine making- so long as we still get plenty of sunshine in the next month!

The bugs have been out and about too, the June bugs are the most visible, hovering over the grass, and buzzing the lawn-mowing me! I actually saw some May bugs, huge.

Yet, this may all be a localised thing. Only 60 km away from here over the Tauern mountains, Flachau is having a drought and the lakes are all down by about 70 cm. I just hope the temperatures don’t go extreme when I have to go grass cutting, I like to view the heat from a distance!

The limes are laden too

So at the beginning of June, which is usually bug time, it’ll be interesting to see what’s flying about!

looking Through

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Sometimes I just take a piccie I really like. Can you see the face?

Cherry petals

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