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Sometimes I get so fed up with myself!!!

As you know, I have a horror of growing older and all it entails and will not have it in my life as I saw it happen with my mother and Grandmother. I will keep my marbles until the end and I will make the 100. Not that I’m worried about dying and meeting Jesus, but it’s the process.

So, I’m now 57. I AM NOT OLD! I’m training to be a part time librarian, writing a new book, teaching part time, and running the gardens and holiday homes. Maybe I do live in Lalaland more than ever, when I’m out dog walking, the mind is like a butterfly and without regular work the mental discipline isn’t there!

But a couple of years ago, I found myself muddling my words, saying a similar word to the one I meant, or completely the wrong one and sometimes being aware and sometimes not when Dave pointed it out (though sometimes he hasn’t heard me properly but we won’t get into that!). Some of this was the Hashimotos antibodies chewing at the brain, so I make sure I take the Selenium, ginko and zinc. Some was the Gluten intolerance and some of it is that since the menopause. I now have so much energy, I’m not clocking when I’m tired -fantastic! I feel like I did when I was in my 30s! Since Swingle has had her sleeping problems sorted and my sleep rhythms are restored the word thing happens only occasionally, whooppee!

Mistakes- I haven’t been able to get the church service sheet right for about two years, I have to get Dave to check it, because if I send it to be corrected, its odds on I’ll print the wrong one out. I know I’m a perfectionist and I find this all hard to take and I might have been a bit like this in the past, but its getting worse!

My short term memory is crap. I forget things much more, like when I had to be reminded that the birds weren’t feeding in the garden because of the neighbours trees being felled, I only remembered Paggy’s being chopped down a couple of years ago not these. Then Dave talking about the little bridge being gone had me completely puzzled, if he had said our bridge, or the big bridge I would have got it, I was thinking of a little one further along the river and he really confused me – whose fault this time? I’ve forgotten important keys, but that’s nothing that new……

Now the greatest stupidity.  I had one of the flat owners ask me to go over and read the electricity meter. I had a damaged key for this flat and was waiting for the cleaner to lend me hers. I decided to do this yesterday as then Dave could have the car on Monday.  So I went over and the key didn’t fit. I had offered to read the other two flats too. I went into all to check the electricity was off in them but I couldn’t find any electricity meters. So they must be in the cellars. It would have been logical to then go down and look. Not me, I rang the cleaner, went to her house and got the key so I could go in the original flat and then collect the post. Then I went to the cellars and the meters weren’t there.  They must be in one of the locked rooms I cannot access. So I went home, only being successful in collecting the post. Just how stupid could you get? If I had looked in the cellars in the first place as had been a dim thought, I could just have gone straight home and got the key and post during the week, Taking an hour and a half rather than the half an hour it could have taken. Talk about muddled stupid thinking, illogical and dumb. I spent the rest of they day feeling a complete prat and just wondering  what is happening to my thought processes and actions.

Is this just getting older or do I have a problem? Anyone else do things like this?




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Village Tales #2

Mr B and I were enjoying the sunshine after a week of bad weather and we heard some deer barking (they do) on the hills and a stag running away. Oh, more bad weather coming he said, rats thought I!

After I told him about the Ice pond, he sort of remembered that and then said about 50 years ago he was asked to go and help clear the water source at Burg Finstergrün.  You can just see the door in the rock in the picture. He said  he went in about 100 metres and then did a a left and he was in a mine. He and his mate went along and he saw many ‘Stollens’ or tunnels running off. They cleared it and he said it was the best pure water. How I would love to go and look if I didn’t get claustrophobic!!!

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Village tales #1

I keep on having these random chats with Mr B and the man with the black labrador, all of which I find fascinating.

Labrador man dog sits for his son, but the dog doesn’t really know how to play and has very weak hindquarters, and is very narrow bodied, not a good specimen, but that’s not my business! He lives opposite us across the Thomaterbach, and I’ve often seen him exercising the dog in the filed, see picture! Last week, I met them and I suggested we take the dogs into a field for a run! Result, I’ve wanted to look around the field for ten years! The dogs played, well Swingle ran around like a greyhound and kept on knocking the Lab over. He didn’t know what to do! We let the dogs into the Bach and at last I got a view of the old wier from the other side.  I could see how the river had been diverted along the bottom of our land and it had run into the Mur for the turbine that powered the paper factory, now  brick factory. Its all concreted up now. But then he wold me that the Hardts who restored this building during the war dammed the river and made a swimming pond there. Times long gone.

Then on our was he pointed out to me the clump of trees in the field (across the river in picture) and we went to look. It used to be an Ice pond, and the local pub would harvest it and store it in the cellar.  I think he meant that it was for the beer making process, but maybe it was just to cool things, more interesting things! We then had two tired dogs and walked home our separate ways. Now I may not get another chance to go in the field as its hay growing season, but maybe in autumn I could ask him if I could go in with my camera…….

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This Spring#2

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Last autumn, we had a  lot of trees taken down around our garden, but it took Dave reminding me of this, to understand why there were so few birds feeding on our table all winter! They had lost their shelters and feeding grounds.  But with this cold spell and the winds, I have the most colourful flock feeding for safety on the ground.  I counted 5 Goldfinches this morning, the only trouble is the little swines pull all the sunflower seeds out of the feeder, I’m getting through loads. I have Bullfinches, Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Spotted woodpecker, all the tit family,but sadly no squirrels as I think their dreys went with the trees.

I know a lot of shots are still blurred, I’ll soon get the knack with the new camera……..

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This Spring#1

This time last year, we had six inches of heavy snow and it ruined a lot of the soft fruit crops. I’m hoping this year we’ve avoided it.Its not unusual but a nuisance! Last week was strange though. There was about 2o cm of snow north of the Tauern mountains, and it didn’t get over them to us as often happens when the weather is coming from the North.

But we had snow showers coming on the wind, and boy was it windy. It got up to about 60km in bursts and the trees roared. And this happened for nearly ten days. No one can remember such wind, Now at last as I write, we have rain here, much needed and there was some snow down to about 1000 meters. I hope it’ll stay up there too!

But the sound of the wind in the deciduous trees reminded me of the 1970s when we had a spell of storms that took trees down and caused powercuts. That roar in the night in the branches was both exciting and scary. Took me right back to being 13 again!

Ok, I spoke to soon, on April 28th, it all happened again, third year running, just glad it was only the cherries that were coming into blossom, not all the other fruit! And as I write, its already starting to melt!

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So how was your Lent?

I can remember the time I stopped eating butter and margarine for Lent, and it surprised me just how difficult it made life! As I’ve said, this Lent I read Andrew Wommack’s new book, Living in God’s best.  I read it twice and for people seeking healing and changes in their lives, it is a really powerful book. Yes, you are made to face up to the fact that we’re the weak factor, not God. But he has all these permanent blessings for us to live in, health, happiness, peace, financial security, and more. It’s turned my Christian thinking upside down. Its manifested in the healing of our dog and our finances. And I’ve even got Dave to read it too.

I looked at the parable of the Prodigal Son too, as for so long I had felt the second son had a just cause. I read lots of explanations, which put him as the Sadducee, who  Jesus was really knocking at that time. But that didn’t balance with the other guy being Jesus.  That wasn’t the point. It’s God’s unconditional love for us, the lost and found. Still didn’t quite get it. It was only when I saw the language unpicked, that I could see what a bad relationship the second son had with his Dad. He did already have all his inheritance, and his Dad went after him to get him to join in. There are different words used but build the same meaning in all versions. The second son hadn’t lived in a good relationship with his Dad, he had served or slaved for him. He had never got a goat to feast on with his friends, not the family, excluding the family. I suddenly had the picture of the son, who for what ever reason had taken against his family and was an angry, self pitying twit. It wasn’t that he was  wasn’t a loved member of the family, he was a pain in the neck. And while I once identified with him for feeling left out, I no longer do. In my childhood, I was on the outside of my family at times while within it, especially when my brothers where around. I now get it that I did have self pity, maybe it had a cause or not, but no longer do I identify with the Prodigal son’s bro!

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Swingle and the Blessing

I wrote the post below over two weeks ago. Since then, our dog is healed. No more broken nights. You can laugh at me as much as you want. Easter blessings to you all!

So time went on and I got so fed up I thought right, I’m being told all the time in Andrew’s book that its my fault that Swingle isn’t being sorted out due to my unbelief and negativity, I just gave up. Maybe I was trying to do it in God’s will, but really it was just in my strength.  Then I read on about the time that it took Daniel to get an answer to prayer, so maybe my prayer had been answered and it was just taking time to get through. I could go with that. I stopped beating myself up for not being Mrs Super Christian, I don’t spent hours head bent saying lots of thee and thou prayers with God, I read a bit, then ponder, and chat with him on and off during the day, or get a song stuck in my head, that’s a form of mediation, and all this is mostly when I’m dog walking. But of course, some days I get to bed time and realize I’ve hardly said a word to him -oops! But maybe that’s OK with a loving parent.

Then I got on to the bit again (second time reading the book), about the permanent blessing is in the supernatural and that good ‘things’ are the outworking of it all. So Swingle is in God’s blessing of healing, its done, don’t need to keep on in the thoughts of vets and changing food,(although we have taken her off the dried food or kibble part of her food again, which my every instinct says its wrong for her)  its done. I don’t need to keep praying over her, unless the problem tries to sneak back. I just need to concentrate on the blessing, and relax.