So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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April Weather

I’m really busy doing an update on my books, and making new covers. But this was the fab weather today!

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Graupel Schauer

After about ten days of almost summery weather, the cold came to Cfenpennar. Showers of snow and those tiny little pellets.

I spent all afternoon trying to remember the Austrian name. Had to ask on FB in the end. But isn’t that a name that really sums up this sort of April weather? Back to cold for the next few days, my poor sweet peas are shivering under a fleece and all the other plants can’t wait to get out.

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A new spiritual home!

One of the main reasons we decided to return to the UK was that we were running dry spiritually. The Protestant church we were in had its head firmly buried in concrete and was battered by constant feuds and personality conflicts. We had a Bible group with some friends of ours, but they neither wanted to move on nor try yet again to build a new fellowship with the Christians in the area. All the things we discussed were treated with wariness until they heard it from an Austrian source! The Lungau might have been a natural paradise, but spiritually it was a desert.

So, when we started looking at parts of the UK, we always searched the churches and fellowships in the area, and Wales in comparison to the UK seemed full of ones to explore. When we looked at Mountain ash, there seemed to be churches all over the place. It wasn’t until we got here, that we found google was listing empty buildings and many that had been demolished, even two in Cfenpennar. But lockdown had us searching online services and we soon picked up that in Rhonda Cynon Taff, our area, there were many free churches and we would surely find an alive fellowship.

We didn’t have a car to start, and so decided to go to those in walking distance, and so ended up at the Baptist church in the town. We walked into the warmth of a living fellowship, small in numbers, and an older congregation, but so full of the spirit, we knew that we didn’t need to go any further, we had found our new home!

There was a new pastor, and we met him and his wife and found fellow hearts for the area and bringing people to the Lord. It’s been such an utter relief to be home! Over the past months things are moving on and we’re so thrilled to be part of this, it was something we came home for. They started by blessing the fellowship that was already there, with love and Christmas celebrations, what a beautiful thing to do. We started a children’s club, which had a slow start, and last week we had a prayer breakfast with other churches which rocked my spiritual socks. All the other fellowships are of the same heart for the area, and out of this are coming a walk of witness on Good Friday, evening services, Mothers’ day teas, all sorts of wonderful things. I’m just leaping about with excitement! Only downside, was that while it was brilliant to sing songs we sang in Lymington Baptist church all those years ago, there are some great new ones…

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Spring springs

For the first time ever, I can’t think of anything to blog about, there’s a first… except that spring is here. Up on the golf course there is a huge tree of pussy willows, and they are flowering, filled with the buzz of bees. And around are many bumble bees, in fact I’ve never seen so many of them in one place.

What season is it with you?

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Back to the ponies!

I’m so thrilled! When we moved here, I hoped to find a way back to being with horses. When we were in the Dare Valley country park, I popped into the stables. I knew they did Riding for the Disabled, and to my joy, found they were looking for volunteers. So I went for a trial morning and it was all so wonderful to be back with horses, people with disabilities, and friendly horsey folk. So once forms are handed it, I can help, I’m sooo looking forward to it. I might even go for a ride at the stables too…

Picture above is me (hand on hip) on Rodi, who was my partner in crime when I worked with horses in Austria, we were in a play about Vikings at the Moosham riding festival!

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Ghost Golf Course!

A few days ago we had heavy, misty cloud, and as I took Swingle for her afternoon stroll, it was quite eerie. We had the whole course to ourselves, apart from a couple of crows.