So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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God’s hints and how he soften our hearts!

Canoeist on the Mur

Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit shows me things and I think its good to share them.Whether its a softening of our hearts, or a prophetic event it doesn’t matter to me. I’m always on the look out to follow God‘s plan and theses incidences are to me such strong indications of his working things out for me. There were so  many God-incidences about buying this flat that we knew it was right, but here’s some of the other stuff in which he’s been active in over the years.

In the 1980s, we were evicted from a Tithe cottage in the New Forest and went through the process of eviction and living in B&B (maybe I need to tell this story some time, anyone interested?).  We were waiting to be rehoused and in this time, I had to do some trips to New Milton, a local town we had never really liked. However, on these visits, I realised that it wasnt such a bad place, and I would come back to do some shopping. So what happens?  In the next few months we’re offered a new council house there and accept with alacrity – this is also maybe God softening our hearts!

When I was working in Art Insurance and my Boss was such a bully, for some reason I got interested in  horse competition called Le Trec and went to a demonstration at the Fortune Centre.  While I was waiting,being early as usual I saw some of the students and thought these kids are ok -until then Disabled people had really freaked me out.  Result, three months later I was working there!

Last year I took a job as a laundress in Obertauern, which didn’t work out but I got some ideas about ironing and stuff.  So what does my new job entail? About 4 hours ironing a week, and its never been a favourite occupation for me – I’m so glad Dave never had an office job and needed shirts!

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The Char lady


I’ve felt for ages, that as a cleaner, I’m a member of a great celebrated group, of us ladies ‘who do’.  I always say hello to a fellow cleaner when we’re out and about, and also see how well its done!!!  Have you noticed how often its the cleaning lady who gives a vital clue in detective stories/series like Columbo?   We’re almost like a secret society!!

Last week, I really felt like it was time to don my spotted pinny, curlers and scarf, hitch up me boobs and grimace in a way that would overjoy Les dawson and Roy Kinnear.  One house, the lady spent the whole time on her computer result, no coffee!  HUH!  Second house she was away and kindly sent a text, but could I find the coffee – she’ got one of those wasteful machines that takes those horrible little capsules – give me instant any day!  So I ate two bananas instead!  I think there should be a  law about always giving your cleaning lady tea or coffee, maybe I should start a Union……….

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EAGALA Training

I first did my training EAGALA before I left England feeling for some reason I needed to do it, but wasnt sure why.  God needed me to do it here!  When I re-did the training here, it was bliss to do it in English! So to keep my certification up to date and my knowhow, Edith an I are off the Germany to do an update and a little networking.  We’re also sending letters to local companies and charities in the Lungau looking for sponsorship when the snow clears – at present it just isn’t possible!

I still have no idea of my working future here. I applied for a job that was ideal, but have heard nothing back.  It was 20 hours a week and flexible.  maybe I shouldnt have sent it by email. I seem to be regaining my ability to make wrong decisions!  I keep on dreaming I’m back at the Burg too, which isn’t good! The chalet job just isn’t working, this month being the busiest of the season and I only work once.  But when I chucked it, she offered me a summer job gardening at about ten hours a week – worth thinking about.  I knew somehow  she would offer me something else, and my gut feeling was always good about this – I leave it to God to make it clear!

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Still Waiting on God and the Job!

Feeling Christmassy in February!

As I write, I’m waiting to hear if I have a new job, but as it’s already 15.30 I guess it’s the negative! After my last gloomy blog, I got on with all the stuff and kept tight to my faith!

 I’d heard of a job that might suit, part-time cleaning, Monday to Friday, and 15 hours – though when she rang back she said it was 10 which was too few for me but she said she’d ring back if for me to go and have a chat.  When I didn’t hear the next day I guessed it was no.  Then suddenly Thursday I had a call asking me to go for interview on Friday.  The biggest surprise was that shortly after, Margit who I’ve been Langlaufing with (Hi Margit!), rang to say that this Boss lady – who Margit knows,  had rung her asking if she knew a local lady, if she was ok for the job.  Well she didn’t, but she did know me (she helped me write the application), so put in a word for me!

If that isn’t a God – incidence, nothing is!

So the interview I thought went ok, they even gave me a specimen wages slip, and I saw one office they want cleaning is shut on Fridays so that makes one easy to clean. I was so excited, but managed to keep calm all weekend – after all its well and truly in his hands.  So as I write, as that little knot of despair tries to creep in, I will not be a wave, I am not doubting, it doesn’t matter. Through this I’ve learnt the power of words prayed out loud and not doubting, if this isn’t the job, he’s showed me his hand is in moving people and changing things, and so I will hold on till the next one turns up!

We recently discovered David Aldous on Revelation tv – this guy’s preaching is mega!  He talked yesterday about how he had a really brilliant interview for a film.  At the same time, he was told by God to sort out a relationship which he did.  He was prasing God and felt  that this yes would be a mega film for him – but he didn’t get the part and it didnt matter because God had other plans for him.It’s  that peace of mind  and doing the small things I claim now!

16.30; Phonecall, I start on March 19th…….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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So how’s 2012 so far??????

Snow caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We began the New Year as imagined watching Andy Borg on the TV, but were dozing off by 11, what a pair of boring old gits.  So we were then woken by our neighbour having a huge firework display in his garden, very kind of him.  We watched from the kitchen window with great pleasure!

Of course, in Austria there’s no November 5th- not too tactful to celebrate burning a Catholic, but New year is fireworks.  They are sold from table tops in some of the local firms, no locking up, and a lot of them are illegally imported.  Some are larger than a mortar bomb and sound accordingly. You can even buy special children fireworks in packs of small sparklers and so on.  Then the news complains that the rate of injuries is up 100% on last year, before New came in!

I’ve been back to help Lois with feeding the horses in the morning as his grooms on holiday.  Funny after all I said, I really didn’t want to do it and before felt quite a depression.  It wasn’t too bad, he was actually quite polite to me, and now I’ve got the run of things he leaves me too it, which is better than when he tries to boss around and gets in a bad temper.  Yet, I still cant get the amount of hay right, it’s always too much or too little. I’ll be soo glad when Gabriel returns! I took one of my girls for a ride out in the snow, it was just so good to be out riding again!  The therapy work has ground to a halt, but we’re waiting to hear f we get more funding for next year. I wonder, knowing Lois, that no I’m back in his paramaters, he’ll be calling me again to work for him -hmmmmm.

I’ve started the new job, which turns out to be just 2 or 3 hours a go, each shift is just cleaning through one chalet.  With a hoover.  No soda but modern cleaning materials.  And friendly people.  I was advising them how to tell some one they have a nice bum in Englis!  It may work out, but at the moment is just too few hours.  I still have to find something that covers the basic bills, and tell the Burg I’m not going back!

Not to mention shift a nasty cough.  Dave seems to be having the same sickness bug I had at Christmas , can they take 10 days to incubate?  Ah well, bestest is that George and Michelle are here in February!  Not to mention that I now live in complete luxury, never having to be without something to read again, wish I’d got a Kindle sooner!  The biggest problem is not downloading too many books at once!

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There’s snow reason for snow, or there’s snow people like snow people……

Ok, the above title is a blatant attempt again to get the readership up as that word seems to pull in the readers.  I can find no logic in my viewing figures, sometimes its loads and then others despite new posts, no views, its nuts!  Any ideas anyone?

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks alternatively busy and then stuck at home.  We’ve had snow and then mild weather and even some rain. One evening it did both and next day the Hof and lane were like a skating rink.  Ice is something I really don’t like but have some nifty attachments for my shoes with studs in – it just needs me to remember to put them on!  I also struggle with the  idea of driving in the snow, but when I do it its ok.  Is this a sign of growing older?  I’m planning a series of blogs on age and my autobiography, which may be incredibly boring but I’ll  enjoy writing them.  Sometimes I look at my motive for writing this.  I’ve read, those with low self-esteem also have an over exaggerated sense of self-importance – but I thought I was over that, so why do I still like writing about myself and life?  Ido hope to witness about faith in this blog….maybe thats the most important!

All these shots are in Mariapfarr

I may have found a new job!  It’s again cleaning but in some ski-chalets near St Micheal.  Run by an Austro-English couple, I did my interview in English, what a joy and yet a retrograde step.  It’s on this geringfugig system, ie you can earn a bit and not lose your dole, and if the hours go up there’s a chance, she’ll employ me and its all year round. She was fascinated by the Therapy work and I’ll even get a whole season’s timetable so we can make appointments. The girls I worked with briefly were friendly, and there’s another horsey person on the staff.  I may even get to work with Micheala again as the boss is looking for some occasional workers!  So I guess this really is bye to the Burg, I’ll have to let them know as they’ll have to advertise.  The place haunts me,  despite all the stress it gave me. I’ll miss Helmuth and Micheala but not you know who! Edith wants me to help Lois out while his groom is away but being me, having havered to go back, am not keen as his groom, maybe it was all that shouting!  I’m renewing my EAGALA membership, late again, in excitement for next year.  We’ve done one session in the snow and it was ok, but the days are drawing in so I can’t see the after school ones lasting, but there is the holidays.  One of my girls who I’ve been teaching riding is taking a break to go skiing -she must be mad!

So Christmas approaches, I bought all my pressies – mostly on Amazon, have baked loads of mince pies as Sunday is my English Christmas tea party for the neighbours – I hope some turn up. Excitement is rising as Stef is coming, I’m so looking forward to it this year, although she can only come for four days. Paggy isn’t coming to the party – maybe because of his old feuds with the  neighbours. I was talking to him the other day and the cleaning lady he has accused of stealing came with his Meals on wheels. He was incredibly rude to her and chucked her out of the house.  I felt so sorry for her, whether its true or not – he’s always saying something has been stolen.  Neighbours – its getting more like the East End every day!