So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog


Weekly Travel Challenge; Solitary

Solitary but happy, pig in the sun in Weisspriach.


Travel Challenge; Near and Far

This made me think of the episode of Father Ted ( don’t know whether it made it to the USA)  where Dougal has to be told that the cow is small because it is far away…………so I’ve got a a horse shot!

Ok, I can’t resist it, these cows are large because they are ……………


Travel Challenge; Free Spirit

Ok,this one got me a bit, so I’m being silly.  This is the Lungau Penguin, only found in our local museum, must be a truly free spirit………………..

Bit fuzzy too as taken on the mobile.


Travel Challenge;Merge

Ok, here’s a gruesome one!  I have blogged about this, but death and art are mixed here in these ‘Kleindenkmals’ or small rememberings that are posted all through the valleys we walk through. We call them, ‘Deathograms’.  Usually someone meets a grizzly end or less often is rescued or is asking for a safe journey. These are all from the valley of Lessach, which makes me think its a dangerous place as no other valley has so many in the whole Lungau


Travel theme;Leading lines

Quite stumped on this one in my desire to have something a bit different!  So here’s some leading lines of hay drying in the field by our flat.  I think they look a bit like dragons too!


Travel Theme:Night

Hand around the moon. Strange nights in Austria!