So where's the snow?

Muddling through life from Austria to Wales; God, life and a small black dog

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Blue November

We’ve been having a long spell of clear skies, frosty nights and wonderful days of walking. After the early morning mists roll away, it’s wonderful!

After the chaos of the snow and floods last year, this is a real blessing! Not to mention no damp, grey days that create gloom.

This is a new path we took near Mariapfarr. Hills in the distance, was a flock of Fieldfares cackling in the trees. The Vogelberries added a bit of colour.

I found a HEDGE! First one I’ve seen in the Lungau!


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One of my favourite places to walk the dog, goes past this abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the village of Einach. We have had such a damp year, the plants around it have run rampant. Blackberries, hops and flowers!


Lungau Lupin Lane


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Through a window


In Tamsweg, Shloss Kuenburg is being done up, its been tatty for years, so being ever nosey I took this shot with the iphone through the window. Shame the iphone couldn’t handle the exposure at the end where all the guys were working, but I liked the curves!

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The Woodman’s hut


This is the first one I’ve seen in the woods rather than in a museum.


Built of bits of wood and bark, where a forest worker would stay while doing the lumberjack thing. I’m not sure when it was last used, but its another bit of forest mystery!

IMG_2805 (2)



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Ramingstein’s Culture Park

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Sat just beside the brick factory and the main road, the culture park made us giggle when we first came as the statues are all made from the concrete from the factory, and just who is going to stop off to make a cultural experience here? (FB Click on the link)

But now, I’m changing my mind!  I’m glad all the labels have fallen off, that there are thick layers of moss on the sculptures. The grass around has been cut late for the past few years, so now in early June, there are swathes of beautiful wild flowers.  This is art at its best, surrounded by the wild and all the labels gone.