So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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Winter Wonderland!

December 15th, St Margarethen, only -3!!!!

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Bad Snow

This is a shot I took last Tuesday.

And this is what we woke up to.

A low-pressure system had come up from Italy, bringing heavy wet snow. We had 30 cm here by lunchtime and it snowed until the late evening.

As I walked the dog, I could hear branches cracking and trees falling. Many trees drooped as if in agony.

The road to Tamsweg was closed, mostly due to lorries without winter tyres, but also fallen trees.

Eventually, it was cleared, but there were power cuts all day and by the evening we lost all power until the following lunchtime.

I took these shots by moonlight only!

It took the area by surprise, being so early in the year for heavy snow.  We’ve since had heavy rain, the Mur is up 20cm, and tonight (Saturday) another low is due to sweep through, but it’s not certain that it will be rain or snow. Of course, the ski resorts are thrilled, plenty of snow to piste!

My guess that this will be either the nastiest winter in our 12 years here; the plague of mice maybe really was a forewarning. Or this will all blow away and we’ll have hardly any snow at all. Guess which option I’d prefer!!!!

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How is your spring going? Last week we had 6 inches of snow, but its all gone now. The first crocuses are in the fields, around the corner of our house, violets are dazzling with their scent, and I have seen one pink/blue Lungwort poking through some dead grass. The chiffchaffs have arrived, I saw some swallows in Tamsweg, I hope they’re not freezing and today I heard the crunching chat of the black redstart, always a symbol of spring,

Swingle is eating anything dead coming out of the thawing snow, if not rolling in it. But best is still rolling in the snow and eating it like ice cream.

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Coral Snow

I was so excited to finally see this after eleven years! So much snow, and I’ve seen this rarity only once. People look knowingly and say its a Lungau rarity. It only happens late in the snow year. So now I’m sharing it with you, it really does look like coral doesn’t it?

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The Diktler hütte and secrets in the woods.

Last week we went back to the Diktlerhütte, our favourite hut in Lungau to see what had happened. In the spring we’d seen major building work going on and feared it was turning into another gastro hut like Ludlalm.

Joy! Even Swingle was pleased. They’ve just put new storage, a new cooker, heater in the main room, they’ve not even changed the menu card or the pongy bogs! Same staff! Same menu, so we had a wonderful roast and walked along the Cross country ski path back to the car.

We’d parked in the new carpark, and I suddenly saw this old hut through the trees.

Its even got trees growing out the roof! Its next to a huge barn. Wonder what it was used for?

The house over the road had the biggest icicles I’ve seen in Lungau!


Lungau snow

After our recent very heavy falls of snow, I was chatting to a neighbour and casually said,’I suppose this is how it used to be when Lungau was the Siberia of Austria?’ ‘No’ he said,’there was much more then.’ Staggered, I went home, shut the door, put the kettle on and realised,no wonder the older generation here is so totally twitched about snow clearing…….and was so grateful for Christian and his snow blower!