So where's the snow?

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Bad Snow

This is a shot I took last Tuesday.

And this is what we woke up to.

A low-pressure system had come up from Italy, bringing heavy wet snow. We had 30 cm here by lunchtime and it snowed until the late evening.

As I walked the dog, I could hear branches cracking and trees falling. Many trees drooped as if in agony.

The road to Tamsweg was closed, mostly due to lorries without winter tyres, but also fallen trees.

Eventually, it was cleared, but there were power cuts all day and by the evening we lost all power until the following lunchtime.

I took these shots by moonlight only!

It took the area by surprise, being so early in the year for heavy snow.  We’ve since had heavy rain, the Mur is up 20cm, and tonight (Saturday) another low is due to sweep through, but it’s not certain that it will be rain or snow. Of course, the ski resorts are thrilled, plenty of snow to piste!

My guess that this will be either the nastiest winter in our 12 years here; the plague of mice maybe really was a forewarning. Or this will all blow away and we’ll have hardly any snow at all. Guess which option I’d prefer!!!!


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It’s snow time for skiing!


I was wondering what weather this winter would bring, and while there is a lot of ice about, the little amount of snow here is melting around us as I write on February 1st. Its been cold as usual, and we’ve had rain as has been the trend for the past few years.  I’m happy as I’ve been able to dog walk with relatively little peril, especially as I now have shoes with retractable spikes! It rained this weekend and once again our yard was like a skating rink. But it has meant the ice on the lane has melted and I don’t have to worry for Mr B making his daily way across it. We haven’t had the snow shovel out once.  I’m just hoping we don’t get another load of snow in March like last year just after we got Swingle.  There’s been very little rain or snow which had the hill farmers moaning before Christmas, and where I’ve been measuring the Thomatalerbach, its been steadily low the whole time.


Skiing? The season started with streaks of man-made pistes down the hills and accidents galore when people went too fast or off the edges. There as a good bit in the middle, there were some spells of -12 a couple of weeks ago, and where the Mur is so low, it actually froze across for a couple of days. But all our friends say its been awful recently as the snow is turning to slush by middle morning, and sections of runs are ice.  The rain means the avalanche warnings have all been raised. At least its an early Easter this year.


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An afternoon’s walk


It’s been a funny old year. Being at home all the time and the wet summer, BUT I  rejoice in the teaching qualification I’ve made and the great experience I had teaching this year. I had such a lovely group of students. I taught the beginners in English and I think they all improved. Someone had at last decided to split the beginners from the experienced and it worked. They were motivated and hard working – mega. Compared to my first course I was overwhelmed with gifts and even a Christmas lunch from the new Boss. I can see things I want to improve and re-do and I have a contract to teach again – but not until next October!

So in the next couple of days, Dave and I are driving from Austria to England, through Germany and France and then taking the ferry from Cherbourg to Poole where we have another short drive to our son’s house. Dave and I argue in the car, so I can’t say I’m completely looking forward to it. We have a borrowed TomTom so that should help! Dave wouldn’t fly this year, so its all HIS fault!

On Sunday we went for a walk in the sunshine, no snow, along a beautiful path by the Mur at Predlitz. I feel for the ski resorts who are having to drain all their ponds to make snow, but I’m just enjoying everyday without the ice. I’ll be ready for the snow when we get back in a couple of weeks! I feel blessed and hopeful for the coming year. And you?

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So where IS the snow????????


There is the sound of panic not music in the mountains!  This time last year, the lifts had opened early and the season was underway. This year the opening at Obertauern took place with Andrea Gabalier but without the snow. The weather has been too warm for the snow canons to make snow. There is snow forecast at the weekend but the forecasters keep on putting it back and lighter and lighter. On the more southern areas towards Katschberg there is snow as we’ve got the air from the south. But not enough to ski. The local tv showed the early visitors in Obertauern going WALKING! from the open lifts! NiederÖsterreich has had problems with ice storms bringing down trees and cutting electricity. When we look at the weather cameras on the tv in the morning, the Tirol and Voralberg have even less snow than here!

So my snow prediction is not far off, although I didn’t see the lack of made snow! This time last year we had frosts and cold. I don’t really mind. I’m driving to England for Christmas and I’ll definitely have a GREEN Christmas!!