So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

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This time of year is the main time for book buying, then afterwards people are using vouchers. So here is a subtle hint from me about my books and then I’ll not bug you again until the new year!

All are available as ebooks and free on Kindle unlimited. Christmas and Collection are not available as paperbacks.

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Mom’s favorite reads: January

Fantastic for Dr Who fans!


Mom’s Favorite Reads Book Catalog Spring 2019 by Mom’s Favorite Reads – Issuu

And I’m on page 15! Excitement!


A question, dear readers!

As many of you know, I’m working really hard on my writing career. Being an Indie author means I have to do all my own marketing. I have started another blog, but am finding it hard to give both blogs my best attention. I would like to drop the book blog and incorporate it on this one.

I would continue to post about Swingle and life here in Austria as well, but would my adding posts about my books drive you away? I tried so long with this one, I don’t want to lose it. So here’s a poll!


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Mom’s favorite Reads eMagazine

I’ve just joined part the community of book lovers who produces this, do have a look, it’s free!

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So many books these days are set in fictional parts of the world, peopled with characters and towns that are all fruits of the author’s imagination. My favourite author is Elizabeth Goudge, who sadly is long gone, but many of her houses and settings were real with just a touch of poetical licence. I had great fun tracking down a lot of them when I lived in Hampshire and when we visited Devon.

So what have I done in my books? The Baize door is one of a planned trilogy, all set around the mythical village of Hazeley. Where this name comes from, I have no idea! But Hazeley Manor exists, in a former capital of England. It’s just been transposed into a country setting rather than a street.  Maybe someone might recognise it from the photo, do let me know! It’s the house I was born in and lived in until I was eleven.

Then right at the end of the book, Joanna and Ray have a real heart to heart, sitting on the sand at Thorn’s Beach. In the next book, Compromise, Mollie and Chris have a revelatory chat there too. Yes, that exists too, lived there as well. The picture is with our dog, Jaffa from a long time ago. Anyone know this beach?